[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 12th Dec 2018


Every headset have to pass some procedure and then start to ship.

1.confirm the information from backers (we don’t know how long will some backer reply us and we can’t skip them)waiting for the email and collect
2.Double check before ship(check the headset one by one)
3.arrange new ship method(new method for faster deliver )
4.arrange the ship stuff(ordinary work and check information one by one)
5.arrange the shipment(different country different demand)
6.Other jobs
7.By the way,The headset also need 10+ procedure and then come to your hand


So the shipping is actually slower than manufacturing. That’s good news, you can fire your second assembly line.

Can I come to China and get my headset directly from the factory? (asking semi-seriously)


If you are waiting for backers to make there decision move on to the next backer in line then when the previous backer makes a decision you can send it in the next batch.


So on one hand it’s a really complicated process and you can’t ship many, whilst on the other hand you’ll have preorders shipped and units on retail shelves in February.
Hehe. Haha. Hoho.


On one side it’s kind a surprising a company that shipped 1000s of 4K units doesn’t do better in this mass shipping process.
On the other side this whining on shipping delays is so out of this world one wonders for how long mankind survives the climate change :smiley:


I agree with @Fomatter , if backer is not responding to email then skip to next active and waiting backer pls.


@Dallas.Hao If the third batch has been sent 28th Nov than why we did not received tracking numbers ??


It’s simple. Even though you paid direct shipping fees they want to spend as little as possible sending out the kickstarter units.


We will send the tracking number after arriveing at oversea warehouse and starting second round delivery.Backers will only receive one tracking number which direct headset to their home


Well of course, but like I said yesterday, they need to send atleast 3 parcels for the full package pledges for $51usd


In other words, expect to hear nothing for a month based on how well they handled shipment #2


We want to reduce the risk of backers pay extra tax.That’s the reason we don’t choose obviously faster ship method.


It is a two sided sword indeed. I just got a package from china. Goods worth 100$.
I paid 51 € import tax (austria).


Should the sponsors of lot 2 wait for their delivery when the shipment by sea of lot 3 arrives in the UK?

I understand that from your comment.

And yesterday in one of his messages commented that today those belonging to lot 2 should receive our second number and start shipping to our home.

Can you better explain this possible contradiction in your information? :thinking:

Please can you contact the UK and US warehouses to clarify the dates once and for all?

Thank you


Thanks! I live in Denmark and us Scandinavians would be looking at pretty hefty import taxes… :wink:


@DrWilken @Thoemse, just for the record, you are not paying “import tax” which is zero in the EU. You are paying your local VAT. This is the reason why some warehouses are located in countries with low VAT, because then as a “receiving party”, they will need to clear low VAT, and after that everything else is just an internal EU shipping, so no additional tax.


Not true. Austria is an EU country and we pay import tax AND VAT wich is 20% here.

We pay no import tax for goods comming from inside the EU - china we pay.
This is why chinese etailers import their goods into EU countries that don’t look closely and shiop fromt here.
It used to be the netherlands and switched over to the UK later on. After brexit they will switch again.


Alright, I correct myself, the import tax is zero on consumer electronics and some other consumer stuff. Depending on what you import, you may pay the import tax as well. When referring to Pimax HMD however, there is no import tax.

Import tax into EU is the same for all EU countries. What differs are VAT tarifs.


Danish rules:

Customs duty: You must pay customs duty if your purchase is worth more than DKK 1,150 excluding shipping costs. Customs duty is charged on both the price of the goods and the shipping costs.


It was SUPEN-440. I replied the same day.