[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 12th Dec 2018


Thank you for the updates!

We are looking for better transport method to deliver the headset more quickly

Hoping that you come up with something that’s effective without costing you too much!

Good luck!


nice to see production ramp up, but can you please send them in boxes without logo or name? :worried:


To be honest reading this post does come across like a pretty amateurishly run operation. Everything you have listed should have been in order before you even produce your first unit and you would have already accounted for scaling up. As for shipping times, did you not pick up the phone and asking the company your dealing with how long it may take?

There’s nothing in that post that would fill me with confidence, who’s managing this? Are they happy with how they are preforming? Is the Boss happy? I hope the answer is no


Cool dead pixels, bad audio Jack & a lens defect you qualify to receive them all as this will avoid delivery delays.

Or do you want to receive a quality headset?


Depends on what all needs to be checked & what is involved in doung the checks.


Containment after a fault is discovered often requires all made product rechecked to last good made unit. Depending on issue all product on house made might be fully rechecked.


I agree proffessionally most companies don’t give reasons for delays. They simply revise the schedule & consumers simply have to accept it’s not shipping til later.


Over exaggeration on number sent.


Davobkk anything higher than 1% is considered a failure as worldwide standards rate by parts per million (ppm).

Most companies have higher ppm than prefered.


Even the unposted? There are many whom have received & say nothing as they are likely not having issues.

Software setup issues in a beta softwsre shouldn’t be counted either.


Well, those photos just gave me more hope.

With the announcement of the 130 shipped units, i really want to see THAT email this weekend.

Cheers @Dallas.hao


We already know pimax’s are hard to brick.

& it was an O+ user who received Minecraft Xb1 controllers & another Rocks.


Quality Hold = No shipping til units checked.


They will get sent when they get sent, if they are going back to double check issues that first batch users have reported to avoid RMAs then I am all for it.

For the USA use DHL, it will arrive quickly and in good shape. The clock is ticking on your pre-orders and many of those customers will not take things nearly as well.


Just remember DHL = Extra cost to receive (always adds extra fees in my xp)


I’d we willing to pay extra to have 3 day shipping from DHL rather then 30 day shipping from sf-express.


My thoughts exactly.


Well your experience with DHL faster than mine 2as in the past 3 times I used it. But DHL was held up on me in the US before heading to Canada each time (was also where it picjed up extra custom charges)


That’s excellent news!


Probably know better what to look for by now