[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 12th Dec 2018


He was asking about the base station delivery from your supplier.

I would like to have more precise info about what is going on with those base stations too.

IIRC Pimax stated a some time you would be supplied base stations by October (remember this was already the reason given for the initial delay of HMDs shipments, I think it was around April you asked every backer if they prefered to have their HMD shipped asap or wait till base stations are available too).

We are in December now and still not a single base station received from your supplier, and the only update pimax has given about it is “we are discussing with supplier”.

It would be nice to have more indepth update about what is happening with those base stations and your supplier.


Isn’t Valve a great company? :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


They’re probably charging monster prices for the base stations… knowing Pimax need them asap ;(

Besides: lighthouse 2.0 is in short supply already. Argh


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Where are the tracking coooooooooodeeeessss ?!?!?!


@Dallas.Hao I understand you have a lot to catch up on with your new role but I have asked repeatedly for clarification on this and as @neelrocker states a schedule at this late stage is needed. October was cited before and now January for just a demo. Valve must have a schedule, its a separate product.


@Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support
My question is looking at the excel file.
Those of us who received the first tracking number on November 14.
When will we receive the second number from uk so we can know approximate delivery dates?
As it seemed to me to read in some message of yours arrived by boat UK this past week.
And if so, will be distributed and sent to their respective sponsors over the next week?
Thank you


Base stations for KS backers aren’t meant to arrive until Q1 2019 (up to end of march 2019). No one from Pimax confirmed it would be December 2018 for base stations.

Also it might be Q2 or end of Q2 2019 until knuckles controllers arrive.

This is normal with KS projects. None of us should complain as we get reduced price and first in the queue for new technology.


I said October and this was official pimax announcement in May KS update:

Lighthouses We plan to ship the lighthouses in Oct.”

And here is the earlier official pimax statement from Nov 2017 showing Pimax was initially planning base stations deliveries should begin by April 2018:

So official pimax statements for base stations deliveries already went from Jan 2018 to April 2018, then to October 2018, and now there is just a total blackout in pimax communication about what is happening behind the scene concerning those base stations deliveries from their supplier…

My opinion is this blackout is not a professionnal behaviour from pimax. They know many backers heavily count on those base stations from their pledge to use their pimax HMD at normal expected potential/functionnalities (= 6DOF, and not downgraded to 3DOF which I personnaly don’t even call true VR).

So it is a big problem to let those backers in the dark regarding whether or not they will be stuck for monthes and monthes with a downgraded 3DOF pimax HMD.

I could also remind pimax has already opened pre-orders for which people certainly also expect they will receive their HMD with base stations and not a HMD alone with base stations coming monthes later.

Again pimax is making promises without having securing them. They open pre-orders for HMD with base stations while they still can’t even tell backers when they will receive base stations from their pledge, despite they should have placed the order for those kickstarter base stations a long time ago as KS ended a full year from now.

So I’m asking pimax real transparency about the current status concerning their discussions with the base stations supplier. Unofficial guesses for delivery date won’t help, pimax is the one discussing with the supplier and only pimax can give us official informations about this.

Personnaly I’m asking for official pimax concrete update about their discussions with the base station supplier because I don’t want to be let in the complete dark like now. If I was to be forced to find by myslef a used v1 BS to be able to use my HMD with 6FOD until pimax finally manage to send v2 BS from my pledge I would like to know this asap and not at the last minute when my HMD is shipped.

After those BS have already been delayed so many times I think I (we) deserve real transparency about what is going on with the supplier.


Simple truth. Valve is not doing well producing base stations; so there is the bottleneck. We know the LH order for the KS was already placed & that’s why no LHes could be added to KS pledge packages as the order is closed.

Truthfully LH v2.0 not a great deal of usage without controllers save sims as v2.0 LH only compatible with v2.0 tracking.

Pimax has already shared more on production issues than any company I have dealt with.

Now an update on the Hand tracking module would be awesome as we know it’s mostly ready if not ready.


Again a post like that don’t help. You are not the one discussing with pimax supplier, I’m asking the question to pimax and don’t want the forum moderator to answer in their name or try to nullify or remove weight from my (legitimate) question addressed to pimax.

Don’t take it bad but the above post and request is addressed to pimax. So please let them decide if they want answer to me and what kind of answer they want to give.


Sorry to break it to you. Public forum. If you want to PM a question. There is a PM system & support desk option.

The answer is obvious as we know the supplier and that they underestimated demmand & even put further restrictions on LH sales.

So asking a question that the answer is obvious is kind of a waste of time imho.

The Hand Module in theory is ready as it’s been demoed for months now. Obviously Controllers & LHes will ship out at during same window.

Questions on the schedule of the hmds atm is more the priority than accessories.


The only waste of time is you insisting (again…) to try to prove you are the one who is right.
You are making things more complicated than it should.

Arguing on your guesses is pointless to me. If you have real info about pimax discussions with the supplier and want to share it you are free to do it, but even then I will still wait for pimax official answer if they agree to reply.


Not guesses just reading everything that has been said & articles users have posted on Valve & LH v2.0. Take the time to read & you will be less confused less often.

But I can understand & appreciate your continued confusion.


Yes, on a technicality then, Pimax broke an estimated delivery window of October (your point and I stand corrected, I apologise) but Heliosurge is equally correct in defending Pimax as it’s illogical to blame them right now as the matter of supplying base stations is out of their control. So your post is like screaming into a tornado. No one can hear or will respond. Valve is delaying access for their own reasons. Internal politics we can’t alter.

Also take on board if Pimax starts repeatedly blaming Valve, there could be further delays, so sensibly and in good business practice, Pimax isn’t blaming Valve to satisfy their own sub group of customers fed up with waiting for base stations, but keeping quiet. Thus eventually, the situation of delivery delays of much needed parts will ease up.

We’ll all get our gear in time. It just takes patience and compromise. We all know due to the price and using out sourced tech (Valve lighthouses) there will be a less than smooth experience at first. If we want better, we buy an inferior Vive Pro. I seem to remember when HTC launched Vive Wireless adapter many had to wait longer than expected as it was delayed or stock ran out. Months I think.

VR is ultimately a niche product, arguably, luxury one too. All these VR headset companies are either start ups or small scale production runs Vs buying a mass produced monitor or TV sold in their 100,000’s per year, per model and other than Oculus, they depend on Valve.


During one year on this forum I learn one thing. All numbers, including product spec, production forecast, all dates given by Pimax are wrong and variable. Ppl who keep asking should be prepared for BS. Personally I’ m not asking about anything - when is done they informing us in official KS emails.


while waiting at the airport for my flight back home i read this thread… hope i can save this post as the wifi here at Heathrow is a little pants!


Thanks for the photos, and i don’t want to sound skeptical but the 2 images you posted appear to be some of the same headsets just rearranged… anyone else notice it? there is 1 headset in the crate that has a tear in the plastic at a specific place, the same tear appears in another crate in the same place… I would usually flag this as coincidence but this is a touchy subject, so feel it should be brought to your, and the community’s attention.


Can you tell us please if this is (hopefully) just a coincidence, and if so, please be more careful with the protective bubble wrap on the devices during packing.



Definately same boxes, the left bottom box in the upper image is also the same as the third box (from the bottom) in the lower image and the middle box is the fourth.

Yeah @Dallas.Hao why is that? Why you take pictures of the same boxes? I hope you didn’t try to cheat us. Surely not?
Where is the picture of 700 units in warehouse?


No, you have misread my post. I’m not blaming them for not supplying. But I’m blaming them for the total blackout concerning their discussions with the supplier, giving absolutely no information so backers could know in advance if they should better look for used BS now and not have to face this situation at the last minute when the HMD arrives and pimax is still unable to supply BS with it.

Being in direct contact with the supplier I expect pimax may have more precise informations than what helio can read here and there on the web and just repeat here (this kind of info I already know too, it was already repeated here countless times on this forum, so it brings nothing new to repeat this again).


My way of thinking is “if you ask nothing you obtain nothing”. And this seems particulary true with pimax (and I regret that).

I believe in positive pressure and criticism. Some people have difficulties to understand this and see all criticism as negative. This is just not my case and I see the results such constructive criticism has already produced in this KS:

  • the indepth beta was the result of many people who pushed hard for it here, and we have the proof now how useful and necessary this beta phase was.

  • the continuous updates we have now on the production is the result of many people who asked for it when pimax was focussing on doing roadshows

  • the possibility to use the $100 coupon on the controller & BS pack is the result of people who didn’t give up asking pimax for this possibility

For this reason I will not stop doing and supporting constructive criticism, which is not “easy” as we often read. When people keep asking for such things they have to face being called whinners, but when what they were asking becomes a reality everybody is happy to see this happening and just forget what made it happen.