[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 12th Dec 2018


Well spotted @Enopho.
Definitely the same boxes rearranged in both pictures.
My respect for pimax is being eroded away to almost nothing, when they keep pulling deceptive stunts like this on us, treating us like idiots.
They are like that kid you went to school with, who can’t stop bullshitting about everything, making their word worthless.
This is Just a bitter little reminder that even after pimax’s recent spate of giving us more information, they still cannot be trusted & will lie to & deceive us if they feel like it.
@Pimax-Support when will you learn.
The west do not have any respect for lies & deception.
The truth is what will get you respect, even if it’s bad news.


Nice spotting Eno. I’ve been on the forum since it opened.

These are classic Pimax tactics. It’s genius :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the time one of the staff members joined posing as a “buyer” then ended up getting busted trying to clean up their image :joy:


It’s not that genius if you get caught.

Is that true, in the pimax forum? Or are you just being a Dj. NotNice again?


@TrevorVR There’s enough shenanigans going on. No need to be making up stories :smiley:


Really curious to see what @Dallas.Hao has to say about this…:triumph:
They went radio silent.:joy:


Yes. And what actually happened to matthew xu? Was too honest? Silenced? Sent to a russian gulag? :thinking::scream::wink:
Edit. New request: we want to see a photo of Matthew to prove he is ok


This is becoming the “Silent morning” mp3 all over again.

It will be a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong week.


Does he even exist that is the real question :joy:
(just kidding…or not)


It’s hard to believe anything Pimax say these days.


The funny thing is - I don’t even care so much about it, because when I saw the boxes my only thought was “how many are this - 25? 40 ? That’s not a lot, and where is the 100 per day production we should have reached by the end of November ?”

Now it’s even less, it appears. Meaning they still seem to have some kind of serious issue in the production process…

But nice that they announced normal sales to start within 80 days. Perhaps teh management should go visit the factory some day, seems they have been shown the same kind of photos… oh, sorry, forgot, it’s such a small company that the CEO probably made the photos… :joy:


Yeah when I saw the photos it didn’t really make a difference if it was 5 boxes or 10 to me. That’s about 1 day production difference, so was it really worth a lie?
There is obviously another delay for some reason & if it’s a good reason then that’s ok because that’s how it is & we can’t change it.
I was waiting patiently & was happy enough, but finding out they are blowing smoke up my ass with these double photos is just really irritating


Which is spot on. Valve isn’t going to allow their discussions with clients to be public due to theie own NDAs & likely have serious consequences for those who do.

Just another case of pimax need only say there is delay due to supply as they have already & will update when info available. Like Controller demo likely in January.


Well TBH we can tell that’s an office & both pictures under scrutiny is the same area of said office just rotated 90° & rearranged the boxes. Previous in factory photos do not have a wood grain floor. But maybe not the best idea to create a staged photo vs using an actual factory floor legit photo.


There’s a lot of forum members that will believe anything Pimax say or show. Dallas got nothing but praise for his post which actually show how amateurish Pimax are being run. The photos don’t mean anything, they could be boxes of duds, empty casing or fully working units. They might as well say they’ve got 5,000 sitting in the warehouse, the most important number is the amount they are shipping weekly. For the past few weeks thats been zero.


Wish we didn’t have to go through what pimax say, to uncover the deceptions though. Honesty would work better.
It’s pretty funny I guess.
Reminds me of this scene from the film Friday:
Skip to 1m 04 seconds


Those are just pictures. Honestly i wouldn’t call that lieing since he says those are the ones produced that day. If we count up:
5 in a length. 2-3 stacked up. We get around 70 units when looking at the first image in his post.

If we add together all three images we get to around 150 units which lets be fair is much higher than what has been told to us. So i would just say that calling them liars is going a bit too far. Sure it might look a bit deceptive at first glance i understand, but they are not lieing and saying “hey we made 150 units today!!!” Rather its just images.


True but on the otherhand we really shouldn’t feel the need to grill everything said. Majority of companies would have simply stated a delay over a shortage & maybe… Maybe a quality issue & nothing more.

Food for thought from htc

Pimax is not the only one getting grilled on LH v2
0. Like they said belongs & controlled by Valve. Notice not once did they discuss their discussions with Valve. Devs also are running into issues with v2.0 LHes.


The pics are likely a ploy to help sedate forum members since many here can’t just read posts. Carrot pics to sedate those whom need visual stimuli.


A handy little YouTube tip you may not know. If you pause a youtube video at any time and right click you will get an option to “Copy video URL at current time” :slight_smile:


I hope pimax doesn’t do the same with choice messages.

And with the tracking numbers.

It is very frustrating what is happening with the sending of the second batch of units on the 14th.

And we still don’t know anything about our second tracking number.

I don’t think we need any more cheating.