[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 12th Dec 2018


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I think you’re missing business 101 here Valve don’t need Pimax, Pimax absolutely need Valve tracking sub systems. If I understand correctly the situation anything Pimax would say it will involved Valve production problems.

So do the math, Pimax Reply = nothing…

It’s not fun, fair or good business practices but unfortunately it is


from the 3 pic’s with the black crates the first two are legit
you can see the white metal thing on wheels in both pictures and in the left part a gap between the two black crates, also a little brown of the folding flap
the same things can be seen in the 2nd picture and the arrangement of the black crates fits in position to the white thing with the wheels
also the bubble wrap and labels on the 1st and 2nd picture is not repeating
the 3rd is just rearranged from the 2nd picture you can clearly identify 4 of the black crates by the labels, also the gap in front of the white thing on wheels is gone in the 3rd picture

maybe we are not shooting low enough?
there might be no “production” at all, just some test-/pre-production units and parts already on shelf being reworked to show something is happening and for real they are still waiting for the prices to come down so they wont burn money when mass producing/delivering?
but then why starting pre-orders and showing off production plans?

also some one wrote he has doubts about the stretch goals like wireless unit or eye-tacking - pimax stated they will work with partners, this could mean if this partners do not produce the units (and pimax offering enough for that) there might be a endless wait for those stretch goals until they are not relevant anymore


Ugg. I am so sorry that I looked that up on Urban Dictionary. I did NOT need to know that.


So where has Dallas.Hao been the last couple of days? It looks like Pimax are going silent again.


Ouch !!! (20 characters )


Okay so different members took & arranged the shots & that makes sense as why the same boxes are in different layout as proven by the bubble wrap & other environmental identifiers.


@Dallas.Hao when are you going to send the next batch? After Christmas? How big is the next batch going to be?
Why haven’t backers receive the 2nd batch yet?


Dallas you are obviously frustrated. Please reread your post as it has not translated well and thus doesn’t appear coherent.

Can you update on the lost batches in the US & Europe as tracking confirmed both batches made it to
A) Cleveland? :us: Customs
B) :uk: Customs for Europe.

For Batch 2 & no further activity since. But your discussing batches 3 &or 4.


As i said last week.They are still on the way to US/UK ware house.The UK warehouse will send second round tracking information today or tomorrow. US warehouse products just still on the way to US warehouse


Tracking as provided by pimax shows these are not on the way as both US & UK cleared these countries customs & should be on way to your warehouses.

If this is not the case, then please provide the Tracking link showing it only left China.

Batch 2. Not 3 or 4.



Can you update all backer number who get the latest batch shipping?

318 to xxx


Why does your post have a random web link?



In canine still?

If the shipment was confirmed on the 14th and received by the logistics company and appears as delivered on the 20th.

So you provide a tracking number that really is not useful?

It provides contradictory information


From my experience with AliExpress on UPS shipping, the tracking never worked, show label created but never updated, it was very frustrating and a long tormenting 20 days. But eventually my order arrived but tracking never really update, not even on the day of delivery where usually you see updates like goods on truck out for delivery. I think what happens here might be similar.


Glad mine shipped wirh CN tracking worked perfectly. Save :canada: Post was too lazy to use my buzz code making me wait an extra day to pick up tge headset.

I found out 5m after they stopped & left notice via tracking number.

But no reason why pimax couldn’t post this if the shipping company is not giving valid info.


@Dallas.Hao Can you confirm that the tracking number we got from sf-express isn’t accurate? Because the one we received, says the headsets have already been delivered to the warehouse.

Can you give us the tracking number that says that the products are still on the way to the US warehouse?