[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 16th Jan 2019



is there a choice email which you need to answer or only the survey?


Received a confirmation mail today about the survey.


A choice email was sent around october-dec 5. Where they needed your final confirmation before they would start shipping yours.

However a few have found that email landed in the spam folder. So you might check that. Remember mails that arrives in spam is not forwarded.


@Dallas.Hao Have you just shipped all 8K headsets ?


Backer Numbers:1450 ~6078 does this include 5K headsets? I read some people saying that the HMDs in the 6000s are mostly the 8K HMDs


@Dallas.Hao can you be more specific about whats going on with the backer number range there? Wasn’t Pimax being quite strict about the thing of sending the units by the backer number?


@Dallas.Hao Please tell me all 8K headsets are sent out :grinning:

And to everyone who doesn’t like the thought that anyone would receive their headset before them even when they’re at a later backer number: Merry Christmas, Scrooges


They are sending by backer number. It just happens most people want the 5k+.

Glad I’m in there. I’m backer 28xx


Guys - it has to be typo’s. There are only 208 units in batch 10.

First typo: 357-1429 is likely 1357-1429
Second typo: 1450-6078 is likely 1450-1578 (somewhere around that figure: 1450 + 104)

They’ve not suddenly sent out ~4000 headsets :laughing:


Or it just means they’re sending 8K’s instead of keeping them stocked up.

So it just reflects the lowest and highest backer number to receive a headset in that batch.


If they are doing that, it’s pointless adding the second higher value imho.

EDIT: also - why would they not send out the ~2000 units sitting in their warehouse? Surely there’s not 2000 8K’s sitting in the warehouse.


I agree.

They should do this instead:
5K+ (min backer # - max backer #)
8K (min backer # - max backer #)

They’re only sending units that have been though QC. That seems to be the bottleneck.


No,that’s a range.
For ship headset soon ,we ship headset by backer number and confirmed information.some backer is skipped because their information has not confirmed yet.


Hi @Dallas.Hao - thanks for all the info you add, it is really appreciated :+1:

I do think adding the max higher number or range does cause confusion - see above.

Please can you instead adopt the suggestion of @DrWilken

5K+ (min backer # - max backer #)
8K (min backer # - max backer #)

Then we can see the exact number you are up to, rather than guess - as we all know, some of the numbers are skipped etc.

Thanks again.


@Dallas.Hao I am backer #4180. Can you please confirm if my 8K is in Batch 10 ? I confirmed on Dec 5.



Updated with dec 26 added


Boxes can be reused. These look reused. Perhaps they are just boxed like that for moving it to the logistics comapny.


Backer 1290 sitting here with my fingers crossed! No tracking number yet, but my backer numbers is in the right range, now!

(Final decision made for the 5K+ @neal_white_iii )


@neal_white_iii are you still going for 8K?



Can you give us the Backer Numbers of this Batch, please
104 units (26th Dec 2018[Backer Number:1450 ~6078])

I would like to know if i am on it :slight_smile: