[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 16th Jan 2019



The [1450-6078] is a range.

For ship headset soon ,we ship headset by backer number and confirmed information.some backer is skipped because their information has not confirmed yet.


I am from Canada and backer #6775. Recently there were Canada backers who had shipping issues when sent to UK warehouse first. Will you moving forward be shipping direct from HK to Canada addresses?


oke thank you, i think i understand it. It has nothing to do with sending the rest of the 8k models in stock but its just because pimax skips uncomfirmed backer adresses and go into higher numbers because of that.


@neelrocker problem is they have thousands of snowflakes like you asking the same questions, and they obviosly have more important things to wrap up… like headset production quality. thats why someone else is answering you… because we understand the obvious.


My apologies to ask this here, but Ive been reading a lot on the shipments / etc and figured I would just ask with all of the units we seee being produced and shipped. Im backer 1401 (5k+, switched form 8k) and from some of the numbers make it appear that I might have reason to get excited for my headset soon but I havent seen any updates in email/etc… Am I just reading the numbers wrong??

Any help would be appreciated and thanks!


@Dallas.Hao, do you mean that between backer 1450 and 6078 you only have 104 confirmed information?

How can I know if I’m confirmed? I’m backer 1942 and I confirmed everything over email to get a 8k.




@Dallas.Hao Thank you for updates.

However, everyone wants to know whether their HMD has shipped or not and provided info is not enough to know.

It would be good if Pimax can provide a spreadsheet (maybe google spreadsheet) that shows status

For example whether shipped, reached warehouse, left warehouse, not shipped yet, skipped (waiting for confirmation from backer).

Example what it may look like

You obviously need something like this to track internally already. Just make it a google spreadsheet and share it but not let others edit it. Then you just update whenever status changes.

Actually at least please show wether Shipped or not.

Most basic version:

Some backers may not even know they were skipped.
Also, you will not have to waste time answering people all the time whether their HMD has been shipped or not.



I extended the orange line to end of january and it seems to reach around 3800 units by then. That is if batch speeds stays the same from now till next month, otherwise the total number will be substantially higher


The statistics shows that sending 8K is made. №1229 today received tracking :slightly_smiling_face:

So our 8K is still a lot in stock, apparently, therefore, they are not produced until they run out.

But damn, I’m in this range [1450-6078], like many others, who confirmed and answered the letter … Does this mean we will soon also receive a track number in the coming days? :roll_eyes:


If this is true then there has to be hundreds of backers that havnt made their decision yet. That doesnt make sense


Dose this include the chines holiday ?


@Century, Is the “Backer Tracker” officially accurate? The reason I’m asking is that my backer number (3096) appears to have been skipped over. I would assume, if accurate, that this would mean Pimax either didn’t receive or did receive but didn’t acknowledge my confirmation. (I did not receive a reply from Pimax that confirmed my confirmation for an 8K).


It most certainly does not


Backer -racker is filled at will. That is, anyone who wants, he enters his data there. Just a table for our convenience, and, of course, there a relatively small number of backers contributed their data there.

Just you can add a line there and enter your number and choice.


Got it… thanks for the reply. Cheers!


It’s user-updated, so you’re invited to add your details. It’s not something that is intended to inform you of your status.


Ok. I wanted to make a graph from the available data, too, to get a good overview myself.

Here you see the shipping information from this thread combined with the production info from the progress update thread. The shipping values don’t math 100% in both threads. I think this is due sending units to testers, youtubers or just the values they needed for exchanging with backers who received faulty units.

This looks really good in my opinion. Seems we all get our headsets soon.

I made another graph without the accumulated values because you can see the downside better there:

Here it is clearly visible that shipping is ramping up far slower than production. This could be because of the QA problems. Which is a good reason in my opinion for pimax to be overcareful there.

Please note: I made these graphs out of the values posted, but i copied them all by hand. This is not official. Perhaps I made some mistakes… (It’s 1 am here…):exploding_head:


It looks like its gonna be in the end of February when all the backer units has been shipped.
Edit yeah I’ll take it back, no way. End of the March maybe.


That would make them officially a year late. Its like an anniversary :partying_face: