[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 16th Jan 2019



Just looking at the production charts that have been very helpfully created by some of the backers.

Jurious as to how that shows ANY ‘ramping up’ of production LoL. It’s dead flat. Zero increase since day one…

Sorry missed the last one…there is a steady, yet VERY small increase over time for production and shipping.


Yea increase isn’t big but I guess production increase isn’t the same as QA increase


Hi, a little unclear as to what you mean. On the comments section on the Kickstarter page I see some people above me have already received their headsets and I conformed all details and received a reply from your email regarding details and what headset I wanted?
For instance backer 1100 received his pledge before me and I am lower


It doubled in production per day in 20 days. This is not “VERY small” in my opinion.

No, the problem is QA and shipping. And that it took them so long to start production in the first place…


Also in the accumulated graphs you can see:

  • production is sloping up over time
  • shipping seems to be linear. It’s not “ramping up”.

But this is easier to fix than production. When they assured QA they can just send out all at once.
But perhaps what we see here is just that QA is linear and they can’t ramp up this. We will see what the new special cameras and stuff can handle.

@Dallas.Hao: Did you already implement your new QA strategy? Or is it still work in progress?


Good point. Bad choice of wording on my part. Probably better word should be ‘output’. Output has not ramped up.


You probably live in a different country. There are variables beyond Pimax’s control, like how long the package takes to clear customs. There is a surprising variation in custom delays, even in the same country (depending on things like time-of-year).


2 weeks before it seemed that only 5 % would get their HMD before christmas, now it are 26%!!


Hi thanks for reply,
However if it were sent would I of not received a tracking number like the others that were sent?


Yes, but the tracking numbers have been delayed in a number of cases, where the headset is delivered BEFORE the tracking number is emailed. That’s messed up, but if you read the forum you’ll see that it’s happened numerous times.


We are clearly not at 26% who received their HMD, far from that.

At best we are at something about 15% now, which is just depressing…

Even more depressing if you put it the other way: 85% of backers still have not received their HMD…


@Dallas.Hao Is there any new data to share?


Are we all done? anyone know


Yeah that’s because they’re now selling them in Korea. Delivery within 2 days.


Is there some sort of shut down holiday @anyone @Pimax-Support


Yeah - Kickstarter funded New Year’s Eve party :laughing:


Update 20190102
batch 1, quantity 70 Status : Already received
batch 2, quantity 127 Ship date :14 NOV 2018 Status: On the way
batch 3, quantity 136 Ship date :28 NOV 2018 Status:On the way
Batch 4 quantity 130 Ship date : 3rd Dec 2018 68 units;5 Dec 2018 Today(new ship method) 62 units
Batch 5 quantity 118 Ship date : 6th Dec 2018 on the way
Batch 6 quantity 144 Ship date:10th Dec 2018
Batch 7 quantity 168 Ship date: 40 Units(11th Dec 2018) 128 units(12th Dec 2018)
Batch 8 quantity 172 Ship date: 68 units (18th Dec 2018) 104 units(19th Dec 2018)
Batch 9 quantity 206 Ship date: 64 units(20th Dec 2018)142 units(21th Dec 2018)
Batch 10 quantity 244 Ship date: 104 units (25th Dec 2018[backer Number 357-1429]) 104 units (26th Dec 2018[Backer Number:1450 ~6078]) 36 units(27th Dec 2018)
Batch 11 quantity 200 Ship date:104 units (28th Dec 2018) 96 units (29th Dec)
Batch 12 quantity 184 Ship date:2nd Jan


Yes,I updated the news


Boy how are backers over 1,000 four of them received their headsets and had their emails of ready to ship nov 27th. Myself email nov 12th, backer 665, AHHHHHHH nothing, no shipped info nothing, Aren’t you suppose to ship out to backer numbers kinda in that order as we signed up and paid? NO? Am I missing something.


Hello Dallas,

Are batches 11 and 12 getting close to backer number 6775? I mean considering that batch 10 had a range as high as 6078. Thank you for your response. Please be advised.