[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 16th Jan 2019



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Pi is =3.14159 26535 89793 23846…

Are you sure they got your number correct?


Pimax sent out “We are about to ship your Pimax headset!” email to thousands of backers at about the same time. I think “about to ship” means “in the next few months”. Why do I think that? They confirmed that they updated my order (for an 8K, instead of a 5K+) that I emailed to them 3 WEEKS after I got my “about to ship” email.

While Pimax may have shipped the packages in order, they have used multiple shippers, because the initially-chosen shippers had a terrible shipping speed. In addition, I’m sure shipping has had extra delays due to the holiday crush and the packages still need to go through customs and be reshipped by the local warehouse. I would expect that the time required for all of these steps to vary by country.

As backer # 665, your headset was probably sent using one of the initial (terrible) shipping companies.


im backer #7120 ???


check your account on Kickstarter to confirm your backer#


#7120 my number correct


Looks like now around of 2800 headsets are shipped.


Looks like you’re off by 900 units. It’s around 1899 units shipped.


2700 to Korea…


Backer #496 in Europa, I confirmed my adress and choice to you 9 weeks ago but still nothing in hand, no headset and no tracking information.

Do you think it is normal @Pimax-Support ?!?


Lol… I’ve added all, including numbers and their sums. Ouch!


What backer numbers were included in the latest shipments?


they sell only 100 set


I feel for you.
God bless you man.


You forgot Japan… :poop:


OK, I’m backer 2392. In theory my 8K is on its way but when will I be notified and how?

Surely Pimax has a list of which headsets they’ve sent by batch.
@Dallas.Hao Please share it with us all and stop this endless confusion and frustration. It really doesn’t have to be like this, just communicate.


This. On my pimax-boxes there was a big sticker “212”, my backer number. So they do know and prepare before going to warehouses.


i, too …Would be very interested in that list :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can someone explain what does mean this message “Your order is ready to send,We will send individual tracking number after oversea warehouse start second round delivery.”? As i understand it means that my headset was not send at all. Am i right?
P.S. Sorry for my bad english.


yes i think you are right.
Just a question, when did you answer email survey ? :slight_smile: