[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 16th Jan 2019



Someday in october, as i remember.


Ok thanks, could have been that they just saw your answer but i don’t think so.
Pimax are a small team for what i saw on forum (a bit less than 100 people) so we have to understand and be a bit more patient (can’t believe i am saying this man!!!).
By the way, your english is good my friend :slightly_smiling_face::call_me_hand:t4:


In my case it did mean four weeks minimum before i had it in my hands. But i am based in Europe and i do not think we have the same warehouse for second shipping. I hope yours to arrive earlier :+1:


Don’t want to panic, but in our country we have new customs fees from 1 january. Would be sad to pay 30% of headset cost just for delivery troubles.


It would be interesting to have the list of backer numbers that are backing a unit and not just being kept up to date via ks updates




getting pretty close :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: backer 22xx


I’m based in Europe too, backer #496 and still no headset here :angry:


@Pimax-Support @Sean.Huang @PimaxVR @Matthew.Xu
@Dallas.Hao gave me the same answer 15 days ago, and again today.

We are very early backers within #3xx and "4xx range and I think we deserve more precise answer than the usual b***s*** “Your headset has sent out,We will send individual tracking number after oversea warehouse start second round delivery.”
We gave you our informations and confirmation 9-10 WEEKS AGO !!!

we want to know WHEN our headsets were send, WHEN it is due to arrive at the warehouse ! WHY is it taking SO LONG ?! WHY backers even now in the #16xx - #17xx range already are receiving their headset and not US ?!



“The pimax products are ready to be send” … to retailers!


I called this months ago and their recent actions make it even more obvious… Pimax is out of money.

They have instigated three ‘cash infusion’ events… the pre-order, online order, and now retailer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were selling units ‘under the table’.

Of course, they won’t (can’t) state the obvious because it would mean the end of the company.

I get a sense that they genuinely want to satisfy the backer pledges… but they can’t.

I also want to be (and have been) angry with Pimax, but they are behaving like a drowning man with nothing to grab onto. All the blatant lies are actually sad to watch.

We will either get our headsets, or we won’t. They already have our money and it’s out of our hands.

Best thing you can do right now for your sanity is keep perspective (this is truly a 1st world problem) and maintain a mindset of gratitude. If you get your headset, be grateful. You’re one of the lucky ones.


Yes the funding institutions/accountants are probably calling the shots , wages alone must have hammered the kickstarter funds by now , let alone the bulk purchasing required for discounted component prices.


Well if I don’t get my headset (full package with 10m cable and shipping costs) plus my other pledge (5K+) then I lost enough money to not be able to buy anything new for quite some time and it will certainly be the last kickstarter I ever do. (Other kickstarter projects have cost me extra too)


I don’t know. In the same time they’re expanding their business, looking for a resellers etc.
And xunshu said that of course pimax is not out of money :grin:


If they are out of money I’m fine with doing regular sales first until enough headsets can be created for the backers again. Sucks, but if it needs to be done then it’s better than nothing


Sure they now have investors on board but tied to sales targets no doubt
a good thing in my opinion ,


Cant see how they got though $15 million in their first year.


The accounts would be an interesting read


Look what happened to StarVR One when they ran out of money. They didn’t want my money. I would have throw my money on them.


Well for that to happen communication with backers would be key but at the moment they are just lying for what ever reason.