[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 16th Jan 2019



C,mon guys we all know what the megga rich are like (i,ll speak what i want to ,not when i need TOO!!)and most certainly not to you porpoors :star_struck:


You are supposed to receive the tracking number,Haven’t you?

Tell me if you didn’t received


@Dallas.Hao I think too I’m supposed to receive my tracking number, but…



You have probably checked your email spam folder…? Just asking friendly.


yep of course, and nothing in the spam folder


Here’s a little bit of excel I did if you’d like to see the data (averages and totals) calculated.

  • All Average/Day is calculated using NETWORKDAYS() function which calculates the # of workdays between two dates.
  • Running Avg/Day calculates the average since 07-Nov-2018 (batch 1)
  • Avg/Day since last shipment is INCLUDING within batch
  • Avg/Day since last batch is from the final day of previous batch to final day of that batch


ThX!! much appreciated


Hello @Dallas.Hao I checked again my emails and spam folder this morning, and even my private message box on the forum and still no tracking number ??
As you requested, I sent you yesterday a private message to have it but you didn’t read it


Update 20190104
batch 1, quantity 70 Status : Already received
batch 2, quantity 127 Ship date :14 NOV 2018 Status: On the way
batch 3, quantity 136 Ship date :28 NOV 2018 Status:On the way
Batch 4 quantity 130 Ship date : 3rd Dec 2018 68 units;5 Dec 2018 Today(new ship method) 62 units
Batch 5 quantity 118 Ship date : 6th Dec 2018 on the way
Batch 6 quantity 144 Ship date:10th Dec 2018
Batch 7 quantity 168 Ship date: 40 Units(11th Dec 2018) 128 units(12th Dec 2018)
Batch 8 quantity 172 Ship date: 68 units (18th Dec 2018) 104 units(19th Dec 2018)
Batch 9 quantity 206 Ship date: 64 units(20th Dec 2018)142 units(21th Dec 2018)
Batch 10 quantity 244 Ship date: 104 units (25th Dec 2018[backer Number 357-1429]) 104 units (26th Dec 2018[Backer Number:1450 ~6078]) 36 units(27th Dec 2018)
Batch 11 quantity 200 Ship date:104 units (28th Dec 2018) 96 units (29th Dec)
Batch 12 quantity 312 Ship date:184 units(2nd Jan 2019) 128 units(4th Jan 2019)

Pimax Help survey

We don’t have info about shipped HMD’s. Support just closes tickets as resolved without doing anythig. No clear answer’s at straight questions. This photos looks like somekind of trolling at this point.


In the end we just have to wait until it shows up at our door with no idea.


batch 1, quantity 70 Ship date :08 OCT 2018

(for completeness)


Thanks for your information~~~


We will update detail information in public soon


Could you please post in a own locked and stickied thread? Pimax use of this forum is a clusterfuck when you want to get informations. Everything is buried in bullshit complaints


Hi Dallas.
Thank you for taking the time to take and post the pictures.


312 headsets shipped? CLASSS




Thank you so much!!!


here,s hoping im in the last shipment ,but with the resent resurvey :zipper_mouth_face: