[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 18th Dec 2018


In these days we received a lot of message of ship problems;product amounts problems and other suggestions.Now we will release the pictures and the working we are doing

1.With more and more products created and ready to be sent.We need to double check and make sure every headset is perfect before we ship the headset.

2.Lot of backers said it takes too much time to receive the product:1.We are connecting the logistics and figure out the problem. 2.We are looking for better transport method to deliver the headset more quickly

1 HK warehouse Takes:5-7 working day
2. US warehouse Takes: 7-10 working day
3. UK warehouse Takes: 7-10 working day
4.Takes 3 days to arrange ship and send individual tracking number to backers
Update 20181218
batch 1, quantity 70 Status : Already received
batch 2, quantity 127 Ship date :14 NOV 2018 Status: On the way
batch 3, quantity 136 Ship date :28 NOV 2018 Status:On the way
Batch 4 quantity 130 Ship date : 3rd Dec 2018 68 units;5 Dec 2018 Today(new ship method) 62 units
Batch 5 quantity 118 Ship date : 6th Dec 2018 on the way
Batch 6 quantity 144 Ship date:10th Dec 2018
Batch 7 quantity 168 Ship date: 40 Units(11th Dec 2018) 128 units(12th Dec2018)
Batch 8 quantity 68 Ship date: 18th Dec 2018

Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018

Case is Dallas all we see is another delay and more excuses…


The headsets we double checked today and ready to be sent


So you want a bad, not fully working headset sent to you ?
You guys aren’t doing the community a favor. Can’t you wait a little longer ?
They provide so much information these days.
Please over think what you are demanding.


Ready and waiting to be checked


Not at all.
Pimax should have seen that coming.
Last week with Matthew was : don’t worry all good.
And this week is panic on board cause not enough testers and delivery issues.
Don’t try to transfer what i say.
how many headset can they check in one day? 10 ?

I know they do what they can but sometimes it’s not enough sry.
Tired of last minutes changes


?? You are creating this panic !
You and one or two other people.

I don’t mind and I’m right at the edge of being send.
If they would have speed up their process I could have gotten mine since 3 weeks. That’s since mine was produced.
And I’m not all over the board and demanding a shipment asap.
Stuff like that takes time.
Just deal with it man…
You will get your HMD. That’s all you should expect.


Soo are you packing them for delivery then reopening them to check for hardware faults?


Not asking for a shipment asap like u say…
Not creating panic, my behaviour is the result of their unprofessionalism .

Not going to waste my time with u


Hey If nobody was complaining about quality issues they wouldn’t be “double checking” anything before delivery

Easy for you to sit there and point fingers when half the units sent out have been faulty


Latter i will release the warehouse pictures.These are the facts and i really appreciate the suggestions from our backers to push us doing better.

There are some doubts from our backers ,The doubts and untrust need to receive feedback.


@Dallas.Hao How many units are you checking a day please.


I’m not pointing at anyone.
In fact I’m demanding a higher quality control.
If that takes time sure I will not complain unlike others.

And it’s an exaggeration that half of all shipped units are faulty … more like 20% or even less.


Times that by 6000 units and you have a serious failure rate. You can’t just return these things at your local retailer


Only complain here is not to see that they would need more staff for this .


That’s not half though :wink:


I would say more than half have some type of issue. Trust me I’ve read every review :slight_smile:


Yeah sure I trust you … even though i red all reviews my self.
It’s surly not 50%.
If you include (unsolved) software problems then maybe 25 - 30%.


So 30% of backers get a brick to send back to China. Shipping your care + two months delay


Software problems can be solved.
Hardware problems are the real big deal here.
And that’s why they increased the Quality Control.

So im actually happy that we have the delays :slight_smile: