[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 18th Dec 2018


What happened to his replacement?


It’s feeling like that chaos is a forgone conclusion.

Given the strange timing of pre-order and (now) retail sales announcements, and the disparity between assembled and shipped units, a possible explanation is that Pimax is receiving intense pressure from investors to become profitable, and is no longer driving the bus for honoring backer pledges before pre-orders and retail. To be direct, investors could care less if Pimax honors backer pledges.

Start buying stock in popcorn…


His replacement has 3 stuck pixels in the main viewing area.


Well I am sure it hopefully won’t come down to that.

But yeah Pre Orders & retail roll out not a great idea.

Though Valve in the otherhand if able should at least flood LH v1.0 until they get their sh*t worked out for discounts to HTC & Pimax.


I guess I dont sound like a conspiracist as much now that more people are also starting to see reasons to suspect that pimax may in fact be planning on giving others priority over original backers. I just find it really hard to believe that after all the unrealistic goals they fed us up until this point they would continue to do the same to other potential retail partners if they really do plan on keeping their word and complete KS orders before shipping to anyone else. Are they really that delusional to think that by Feb they will have all backers, pre-orders, general sales fufilled to be able to meet this “February” retailer promise??? Something definately doesnt seem right and is starting to smell a little fishy and i promise its not me this time.


Problem most don’t know the diffetence between Theory & possibility.

“Theory - if i buy a lottery ticket i might win. Once I have bought the ticket is a possibility.” - In Plane Sight.


So at the moment it seems batch 2 will be delivered before Christmas. How many headsets is that 200? With there current shipping methods that will be all that will get to backers before Christmas.


January is going to be a busy month for Pimax if they want to meet there pre order and now retail customer commitments .


Taking people’s money for pre-orders and actively developing retailer chains before fulfilling backer pledges, on what is becoming an increasingly aggressive (by the day) schedule is not theory. This is happening in real time and points directly to an equally increasing need to be profitable.

While the motivations are speculative, the actions are not.

As the schedule for meeting backer pledges continues to slip (as it is in real time), the need to meet obligations to pre-orders and show retail sales to investors will become more dire.

Progress (or lack thereof) in the next couple weeks will show whether reneging on “backers first” has moved from theory to realm of possibility.


Please read the “In Plane Sight” comment you seem to be confusing what I said.

Until we have confirmation that a pre order or retail order is fulfilled it is speculation & possible.

But until it is confirmed to have happened it is a possibility that could happen.

Possibilities are not theories.


Helio, I don’t think we’re in disagreement.

I give it two weeks for this to all to play out… one way or the other.


Hey Helio… I’m a little out of touch with things here in the Pimax forum and there’s just too much to read… I need a shortcut… this second batch that i’m hearing about is supposedly coming out soon I believe… will that be for people who already received a tracking number? I’m backer #352 and I haven’t received a tracking number yet so I’m guessing I’m not in the 2nd batch? Does that sound right? Thanks…


Hi Bro, I believe we are waiting for 3rd batch, 2dn batchis already shipped and stuck somewhere in UK… am I right @Heliosurge ??


Wow, what a mess! I thought things were turning around a few weeks ago


The 2nd batch as per SF express tracking number states delivery to UK & USA cleared customs. But appears to be in limbo as no further info on being received at the warehouse or ship info to backers in batch number 2.

While pimax is updating on batch 3 & 4? Being prepped to ship out from China.


Uk & US parts of 2nd batch. I think US last info was cleared customs in Cleveland.


Thanks, but do you something about 3rd bacth ??? It was suppose to be shippep last week with the famous 2nd check … :thinking:


Thanks Helio… do you know if the tracking numbers are sent to backers when shipped from China or the warehouse?


Agreed just wanted to clarify not calling the situation a theory.

The “In Plane Sight” is a good movie if unseen. But otherwise will avoid a topic where that movie could lead to. :wink:


Not sure. 2nd batch looks like will have a 2nd tracking number once sent out from warehouses in the respected 2 countries named.

First tracking number is for batch(from China) to warehouse distrubition point.