[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 18th Dec 2018


Please look at the message and screenshot i send to you~I will contact relevant department if you have left comment and we can’t see that.
Looking forward to hear from you


Thanks. I appreciate this and am ready to wait patiently for delivery. :smile:


I replied by email (which JIRA does support) and the email I received indicated I could reply by email, but it seems that is not working. I have just logged in and pasted the reply I sent on Saturday by email directly into the issue on JIRA.


I don’t see anything contradictory with what was publicly announced on the 30th of nov:

Nov 30th + 81 days = 19 February 2019

So it’s just an estimation from the retailer based on public info.


@Dallas.Hao No warehouse in Thailand, do you know how your shipping partner ship the headset and it will get custom or not?


Sf express info not necessarily reliable just look at thr reviews.


Glad to hear this, first tracking numbers seem to have been causing a lot of confusion. Can you tell us which backer numbers are included in the 3rd and 4th batch that just went out so we know where we stand?


Ok in the case let’s make a poll!

Dear pimax backers, would you prefer to pay extra money for tax in exchange for receiving your headsets earlier?

  • Yes
  • No

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Ffs how do you make a poll @Heliosurge


Actually you can just go to Pimax site to have an even earlier date:


Edited your post. Just had to move the [ pol ] to its own line.

Just keep in mind paying extra say for dhl express; you will also likely pay extra when it arrives as well.


Am I the only one who thinks that this start to ship in XX days is going to come to bite them in the ass?

If your QA process is so slow and add a month+ shipping time I see a lot of angry customers in your future. You have what looks to be a good product but if you cant sort these issues you are going to piss away the chance of a lifetime. How often does a small company get an opportunity to be a industry leader? You beat all the big players to market (kind of) but don’t doubt they will be on your heels sooner rather than later.

If you cant handle shipping 100s of units a week you better find a partner who can.


I paid $40 for reliable shipping. Just because they decided to cheap out doesn’t mean i should have to pay more.


And if you went for a full package or even not $40 is nothing divided over several part shipments.

Not necessarily cheaping out just trying to find the best shipping to avoid extra costs to folks like you. Tarrifs etc…


You are not alone. I cant possibly believe that after all of their failed expectations they set for themselves over the past year and a half they could possibly expect to be able to make that deadline without coming back to bite them in the rear. UNLESS they are either considering shipping to them before the backers because at this rate backers in the 1000 to 3000 range will be lucky if their headset ships in 50 days and the more important thing is that PIMAX has no refund obligations to KS backers but they do to anyone who has pre-ordered, or puchased, or is a retail partner they have also promised headsets by Feb. if you were pimax and you had to make a choice which of those groups would make the logical choice to skip just to stay above water on all your BS promises?


If they can get production stably ramped up; they could do alright. But agreed at current today it doesn’t seem likely. But mfging new product can often take longer than expected.

We just have to have hope & wait & see how things turn out. Hopefully it works out & doesn’t result in things like Sisense, Hardlight Vest, Spatial 3d audio headset & atm the grim picture being painted on StarVR.

Time will reveal what will be; either forward momentum or revisiting the past oops be it theres or others.


And yet the clowns at Pimax chose them…


Were you one of the ones thst complained about CN post? It worked.

I thought Gearbest was good as my first purchased was perfect save for DHL express hidden fee. Next big order they wanted to charge me more for shipping my order & when I chose to cancel found out they part shipped the order. Cost of that part of the order was less than the shipping I had already paid for. They screwed up my name & Canada Post only delivered the final notice late.

After fighting with them for 2 & half months never got the items or my money. Decided to take the loss of $100 as GB makes the process as difficult as possible that their support team almost feels like your getting responses from a bot.


Pimax aren’t clowns but risk takers - engaging in KS was a risk for them more than us. Like all small companies with low resources with a selling point based on value, they would select a courier with the lowest global shipping prices (to save them money).

The risk being, if it pays off, then great and if not, months of hassle from KS backers, yet as long as pre order customers are happy then some upset KS backers are collateral damage.

Without taking risks, no business can even dream of catching up larger, more established competition. The entire project is a gamble.Once Pimax make more revenue, all of their prices will climb to be near the competition and with that will come better global customer service and less errors in launching new products.


Their customer support, communication and shipping are a complete joke.

Guess we will just agree to disagree