[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 18th Dec 2018


Is your pledge going to be available? There are folks waiting to skip pre order line.


It’ll be on eBay the day it arrives.

Considering it’s in Batch #2 God knows when that will be…


Since there is just one tracking number for the shipping to warehouse, could you share that with the progress update so backer’s can track the shipping progress if they need to. Just for the peace of mind and also backers can have an idea when to expect delivery.


Well you should get a good price. Especially once you have the stretch goals later to sell. Unless of course you sell the headset & transfer pledge to new owner.

Just do yourself a favor & don’t unpackage the headset & try it as you might like it & change your mind.


The tracking number has been posted here & it’d not giving valid info. Why I believe @Dallas.Hao requested backers to let him know once one has their individual tracking number.


I think something is still better than nothing. As backer 6XX I’m pretty sure mine is not shipped yet but without a tracking number sending out after shipped, I can’t say for certain. For backers 400 and lower, their headset should be sent out in the batch on Nov 29, Dec 3 and Dec 5 but I don’t believe I have seen any report of any backer stating they have been noticefied that their headset have been shipped. For all I can know, those backer probably still believe their headset is not shipped yet.


SF Express Limbo. Hopefully clears up soon.


what is the current tracking of batch 3 and 4?


I am backer 321 and so far, no tracking code received. (probably 3rd batch)


Something is wrong with the counter of the days remaining for shipping on the site pimaxvr.com - for several days stands on the number 46


You’re right, the number should be increasing every day as they try to let the customers slowly accommodate to the true delivery date which is approx. around Christmas next year.


batch 1, quantity 70 Status : Already received
batch 2, quantity 127 Ship date :14 NOV 2018 Status: On the way
batch 3, quantity 136 Ship date :28 NOV 2018 Status:On the way
Batch 4 quantity 130 Ship date : 3rd Dec 2018 68 units;5 Dec 2018 Today(new ship method) 62 units
Batch 5 quantity 118 Ship date : 6th Dec 2018 on the way
Batch 6 quantity 144 Ship date:10th Dec 2018


@Dallas.Hao any estimate on when tracking for the 3rd batch will arrive?


Batch 1-6 = 725 pcs
Blue = units
Orange = total units
Ramping up!


@Dallas.Hao “batch 1, quantity 70 Status : Already received
batch 2, quantity 127 Ship date :14 NOV 2018 Status: On the way
batch 3, quantity 136 Ship date :28 NOV 2018 Status:On the way”

Backer #326 here, so I´m batch 3. The shipment is supposed to be on its way for almost 2 weeks, but I don’t even have a tracking number, how can this be possible? Also, feedback.pimaxvr.com barely works, login problems, etc.


Your probably not batch 3. With the amount of people ordering multiples your probably batch 4. That being said I’m #280 and I dont have a tracking number either


Yes you are in batch 3.We will send individual tracking number will send to backers after warehouse start second round delivery.And the headsets are still on the way to warehouse.The reason why batch backers don’t have tracking information is that you will only receive one individual tracking number.


700 pieces per month…in 9 MONTHS I’ll get my hmd :))


yea this is not good!



I want to ask, I’m probably the only backer in New Zealand, what method are you using for shipping to the middle earth?