[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 18th Dec 2018


@Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support
If you say they haven’t arrived at the UK and US warehouses.

Why do you know that we are going to receive the second number today or tomorrow?

I still do not understand these contradictions.


Ok I’ve lost hope, we’ll never get the Pimax 8k or the Pimax 5k+. PC for sale.


Has it got a 2080ti in it ? I will give you a hundred bucks .:laughing:


Offering $200 :grimacing:


I will start a new topic about this latter



I hope this chaos can be cleared up on lot number 2. :thinking:

And let’s have the right information about the whereabouts of those units. :face_with_monocle:

For a while I think they should be in our home by now.


Maybe to stop people getting their hopes up, someone can kindly retrace steps back and estimate what backer No.was the last person to confirm they received their headset, e.g. 55 and how many we’ll get up to in the next batch, e.g. 320.

I’m 400 something and don’t have any tracking email but fully expected this to happen. Others seem to be more despairing, but might be unnecessarily emotional if the next batch isn’t anywhere near their KS pledge order anyway!

It might have helped if Pimax simply made a locked forum sticky post that announces each time the batch numbers that have been sent from Pimax factory. It would save a lot of grief for all involved, including Pimax Dallas.

All we’d need to then do is intermittently visit the locked thread and see what number of shipped headset has been posted out. Problem solved.


If you really want people to believe it was a genuine mistake why don’t you correct the error you made and take a few more photos. You don’t need to be a photographer to take these pictures.

That’s all you had to do to correct this.



@Dallas.Hao any news on tracking numbers for this 3rd batch?


How many batches will it be in total ?


Expect more of the same problems for the Christmas holiday period and the Chinese New Year holidays.

With all of these kind of problems I’m amazed any company can work/send items successfully from China? Or is it just that Pimax is very unlucky with everything.


Thank you @Dallas.Hao for this update about the second batch.
Now can we know WHEN you will send the 3rd batch ?


I am seconding this request as the Service Desk item I asked this on has just been marked as “Resolved” by Dallas despite me replying saying “that was not enough information please explain further” (paraphrased for brevity)


on Facebook Pimax says on 11/30/18: The third batch has shipped out and 136 backers will receive the tracking number soon.


I tend to agree that we should only rely on what backers actually report in terms of deliveries here because everything else seems difficult to verify and with all of the reports on daily production we should be somewhere completely & utterly further than where we in fact seem to be.

So either
(i) the numbers reported were not accurate at all,
(ii) there is a substantial issue which is holding up all the manufactured headsets in the factory (but then we should have heard of a couple of hundreds being there and why they are not delivered) or
(iii) the production is actually as reported, but the headsets are not delivered to backers but to other (business) customers.

Honestly, at this stage where it seems that hardly any deliveries took place for weeks, I don’t expect anything specific anymore in terms of delivery dates because there is nothing to base any more specific assumptions on. They could in theory be producing 50, 70 or 90 units a day. But in practice they don’t appear to, or they don’t use them for us backers. And we have no clue what is going on.


Agreed especially with Dallas running at times here duck & cover posts even the 2nd batch post explains very little. As there has been a couple of confirmed deliveries calling into question where the rest of the batch is. We even seem to have a fellow waiting from the first 100 backers.

Then suggesting folks are using imagination after photos verified staged after examined. Stating random employees took photos.


Thank you very much.
I am backer n°321 and I will update the spreadsheet when I will have a tracking number .
So far I have receive nothing about the 3rd batch.


What completely astonishes me is that in the meantime they apparently have given thumbs up to retailers to offer the Pimaxes on their websites. A couple of users in the German forum have now ordered a 5K+ from a reputable German retailer with an estimated delivery date of February.

Would you believe it, Pimax apparently told them February ! But of course if Matthew’s numbers were correct after all, there would be quite a substantial production already just that it would not be sent to us backers. But if Pimax started to even grant retail customers preferred status over backers, and not only select business customers, then they would be making an awful mistake as this would frankly alienate the remainders of their loyal basis.

(I do recall that I due to some hick-ups in the Oculus logistics only received my day 1 pre-ordered Rift 2 months late sometime in June while the first people having bought it from retailers were already reporting deliveries in the meantime - don’t want to see that happen again this time with Pimax !)

Or Pimax will serve us before those retail customers - in that case it will be February 2020 for them, if the current pace is any indication.


Indeed. They need to get their house in order. Its starting to remind me of the Kickstarter with all kinds of pimax sources seemingly saying yew to any posts.

Until they actually have legit stable production; tgey shouldn’t be spreading so much out boynd sales and hate to see the chaos if they start shipping sales before backers receive headsets.

While still an emerging company will not bode well if they screw over having a good reputation. Especially considering the confirmed headset QA issues like @spamenigma has received in both sent headsets.

1 bad not good but to send a replacement with issues not good at all. These numbers considering how many shipped are Astronomical when using the ppm standard.