[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 19th Mar 2019



They just told me my adress is incomplete and I should Edit it
How come we can confirm an order if it’s incomplete.

By the way my address was perfectly fine:
They sent a document to show how to complete the form for the address…
Well, sorry but there is no "Address 2 " nor “province” in my address


I’ve heard the same from another pre order.


Maybe it’s just a google translate thing . Ping Pimax USA and see if he can help .


Right with the ever changing mail address standard and us new to ordering from oversees, just can’t get the required information right. :smile:


Same here. I also got an email to update my address.


same here but i told them my address weeks ago and a few times over


Ahaaa! Good thinking!


I “corrected” my address today. It was ok but mirrored so I deleted one. I am preorder P122x, some numbers in front of me have already received their orders.


Got also this E-Mail today but my adress is completly fine. Pre Order P121xxx


My guess would be it was sent to quite a lot of preorders as we do the checking for them. My address was correct as well (but had 2 of them listed) and one guy P122xxx posted another thread here saying he got the same email.

Now what about stocks, did they sent them to local warehouse already? Or our headset are still on production lines ? P12xx


3,709 UK backer and status is still being shipped :frowning:



503X NL backer, just received tracking email from DPD UK this morning. No details in the tracking website though.

EDIT: Chat with DPD bot said delivery on Wednesday


Pre order 108X and nothing^^


Hello, must we confirm our adress??? :-/


Oh hey, that’s great! So I am assuming that I, backer #46XX also from The Netherlands, will be receiving my headset no later than this Wednesday. Awesome! No tracking number yet - but that shouldn’t worry me, right?


Have you checked the updated Excel sheet today?


Yes, it still says ‘on the way’ just like it did 4 weeks ago - but given that this actually means “anywhere between Shenzen and the backer’s doorstep” plus the simple fact that my backer number is lower than yours, there’s no possibility whatsoever that I receive my headset later than you, is there?


from Facebook


Depends wether it was sent by eel or crabby crab


My vision: