[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 19th Mar 2019



And the sort of prophecy-like opinion:


Preorder nr1203 arrived today Poland


sigh and me as a backer still waiting… don’t complain often but…


your are lucky. pre order 108X and nothing


Just threaten to cancel your order and they will send you mine

what’s that ??
Oh mine was diverted last week but I’m sure they can find another backer’s hmd for you


“Oh mine was diverted last week but I’m sure they can find another backer’s hmd for you” what did you say that?


Sorry nothing about you , just sarcasm about the way Pimax are doing things


Most of us ordered in October 2017…


hello all, @PimaxVR do you have problems with your facebook? attached a screenshot, I think I got scammed



Wednesday has passed… Did you get it? :partying_face:


Yes sir. Came in this afternoon via DPD and I even tracked the delivery van to my house.

Love the unit so far. Just enabled large view and that’s now my favorite. There is definitely distortion around the outer edge but I can get used to that easily. The only thing that really bothers me is the popping in and out of objects at the very edges. It alarms me constantly


Sweet! But the popping sounds annoying. Sounds fixable though!


Sounds fixable by Steam maybe, or PiTool needs to tell Steam it is bigger


Disabling or enabling parallel projection in PiTool is said to affect it.

Original discussion


Well there is a new discovery that is super weird and I haven’t seen anyone talk about it before.

The screen is divided into an upper and lower half. A line straight in front of you, upper half and bottom half of the screens. The halfs are noticeable because the depth is slightly different and the bottom half wiggles a tiny bit.

I haven’t tried switching things on or off yet so hopefully this is a software glitch that might straighten itself out but for now it seems some weird failure in the bridge chip maybe?


Like this?


I’m P10xx and they told me the same thing that my address was incorrect. Address was correct but it was on there twice so I deleted one. And still no answer from support.


It’s approx 3am in china


hello i am 108X and I didn’t receive the pimax, no message to say that the address is not correct etc. no confirmation message of sending etc. etc. and I don’t know if it was sent, I get evasive answers


5K Plus Backer 6633 no DPD email I contacted support email 4 days ago no reply although I also contacted Dallas Hao they said that I should receive an email soon that was 2 days ago