[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 19th Mar 2019



P122X sent a simple query two days ago about the correctness of address data, and also did not receive any feedback.


P149X - same here. I sent a similar request to preorder@pimaxvr.com three days ago to confirm the correctness of my modified address data, as I received an email from Pimax to complete the adress with my phone number and the region. What can I say, still no feedback.


Created a ticket last Wednesday asking about expected shipping date from UK (P10xx). No reply… :sleeping:

I then later received the address update mail.


We are on the same boat;) Today 21 February - so in theory all orders were sent? What about early preorders? There is no information about shipments :frowning:


hello i am 108X and I didn’t receive the pimax, no message to say that the address is not correct etc. no confirmation message of sending etc etc no tracking number. and I don’t know if it was sent. I don’t have an answer and I’m starting to lose patience for not having any.


I would write a PM to @Dallas.Hao if I were You and let him know Your pre-order number.


Hello - I am P100X and still have not received any information about when my headset will be shipped. Can I please get an update on this? I was one of the very first 5k+ preorders on October 26. Not sure why others in the US are receiving their headsets before me…

@Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA


Same here P131X. Received an “confirm your address mail on monday” but nothing since then? Whats up with that @Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA ?


I ordered on October 27th, good luck to you too


Just the same for me… »please confirm your adress » on monday and since then no further informations.
I still hope to receive a tracking number till the end of the week.
I’m P121X


The same preorder story of October 27, number P122X - a request to correct the good address. Sent query to support for correctness of address (SUPEN-2120) and zero response. I also hope for information about the shipment :gift:



Oopsie! I guess there is …


P120X myself, complete radio silence from Pimax…


There are still a lot of backers waiting for headsets.


and this is exactly why I’m worried to be forgotten in the shipping process… It seems that random unlucky backers are left aside. I don’t see why this wouldn’t happen to pre orderers also, and selfishly I do not wish to join that “exclusive club” :slight_smile: Each day passing make this possibility more likely unfortunately.


Yeah I know exactly what you mean :+1:


Wasn’t there supposed to be another spreadsheet update this week @Dallas.Hao


P122X waiting unsuccessfully for any answer from Pimax. A friend from Poland with whom I preordered 5K + on the same day - he already uses 5K + from Monday and that makes waiting now hurts 10 times more - damn lucky guy.


Yes, but I still don’t see an update.


Has shipping stopped since February 14th? @Dallas.Hao