[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 19th Mar 2019



For some yes did return on Feb 11th. But not all of China returned on the 11th. So pimax & related companies didn’t start at full speed.


5K+. Took it for a brief spin, just printed the DAS adapter, now I’ll be off the planet for a couple of hours.


Got this email this morning after I inquired about my preorder yesterday.

Dear Customer,
We are arranging delivery for your order. The shipment is also shipped from the domestic warehouse to the overseas warehouse. After the goods arriving the overseas warehouse,it will send you the tracking number. Pls be patient and appreciate for your kindness.
Thanks for your support and Have a good day!

How many of those 168 shipped today is destined for the USA overseas warehouse may I inquire about and does that shipment include preorders, if so hopefully mine is in there :pray:?


Weren’t full speed and we decided to run the panels through an extra set of QA.


Of course, quality is very important, but you need to check that the 3XXX Backer receives the HMD before the 2XXX Backer or 1XXX
In other words, it’s not a problem for people to wait for the HMD, but People are upset that they can not get HMD in order(Backer Number)


There is no way to cause shipments to arrive sequentially. If we tried to literally wait until each shipment arrived before we send the next person this would drag on for many years.


So, do you mean that the shipments are sequential? If so, I understand. thanks


It’s not enough to talk about the number of products shipped.
It’s important to know how many days a product goes to a supporter countries.
Why don’t you give me a clear answer?


In addition, 3XXX and my Backer No were in the same Build state in the spreadsheet.
if you send HMD to warehouse by sequential. and the 3XXX thing arrives, can I see my HMD being delivered to warehouse or more ?


They send a bulk shipment to a freight forwarder for a given country.

Ie 200 headsets for Neverland. The freight forwarder has control of the shipment from there. Wendy who is order number 96 might get delivered before Captain Hook who’s order number is 26 due to Wendy living closer to distrubution point.


What I am saying is whether pimax sent sequentially, and if so, is mine being shipped as well? 3xxx and I were in the same built state, so if he got it, at least mine should be on the way


Yours in theory would be shipped with other headsets sent to Korea assuming all delivery details good.


@PimaxUSA, what Jedai is trying to say is, they didn’t ship from Shanghai in order of backer numbers. At least for the last few batches of 8Ks.

I am 8K backer #24XX, but 8K backer #3603 got his already while mine is still “building”.

A lot of 8K backers were skipped for no apparent reason.


You ship quantities designed for a regional destination to the freight forwarder with the names of those allocated within it. Power adapters, declarations and other items are tailored to the country so if you manufacture 200 units for “neverland” with neverland packaging and adapters, customs declarations and the first backer from neverland is captain hook who is backer number 45. The freight forwarder would have a list for neverland beginning with hook. Because of that the sequence for neverland might be backers 45,55,74,555, 615, 1411, 2025 etc… A batch destined for Wakanda might have backers 4,11,45,444 and includes the right parts and legal declarations.


So why did backer #3603 get his while me backer #24XX is still building?

They didn’t even build in the order of backer number, nevermind the shipping.

BTW it is not just me, a whole lot of low number (#437 - #2XXX) 8K backers got skipped and are still in “Building” state, while US/UK backers at backer # at least 3603 got their headset recently.

This can be seen in the spreadsheet:

If 300-400 8K units were built, they should have been assigned to the first 300-400 8K backers who were waiting for one. Instead they were assigned spread out to higher number backers.

I mean … I’m not really that mad about it, but I just wanted to point out that I agree with @Jedai that Pimax aren’t shipping (to freight forwarders) or even assigning built 8K units in the order of backer numbers.

I know in the end it will only be a few more weeks. But having waited for so long, it irks me a little that this happened again.


My status has changed recently to “shipped” on the spreadsheet. Has it actually shipped or is it still waiting for the local carrier to give it a shipping label and tracking number?


What I am saying is not whether the freight forwarder is shipped or not.
What I am saying is, When Pimax sends to the freight forwarder, do you send it according to the backer number or not.
If sent sequentially to the freight forwarder, the backers between #3603 and below, which were in the same state on the Spreadsheet, should be on-the-go or off-the-go somewhere, regardless of the freight forwarder’s delivery.


We often ship hundreds at a time, not one at a time. Once again that includes a sequential list of those who that batch of devices are destined for. They (the freight forwarding agency) then use their expertise to determine the best avenues to get the products to the customers.

It’s impossible to have large numbers of packages actually arrive at customers sequentially.


So I guess the answer is you chose to ship maybe a hundred to US warehouse and a hundred to UK warehouse but none to HK warehouse as me and Jedai need to get it through HK warehouse.

I was asking since the shipment was announced if there were any sent to HK warehouse … I guess no.

EDIT: Or, maybe the freight forwarder chose to do it that way?

So possibly you are saying there is a single freight forwarder and you give them the list and the packages and they decide how many to send to which warehouses?? Thus you can’t control order of delivery at all? And they decided to send all of them to US/UK and none to HK?

Or maybe some were sent to HK, but me and Jedai and backer #437, #653 etc. was just unlucky as the freight forwarder decided to skip us?

Wait … but why are we listed as “Building” when Pimax is the party who decides the list of recipients?

Anyways, it is disappointing and just another disappointment in a year+ of disappointments to endure I guess.


The batches are based on what must be included like power supply, clearances and other items. The included list to the FF is sequential but yes they determine the best way to get product to customers.

Of course all that will change the the point of origination becomes local.