[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 19th Mar 2019



Thank you for your explanations. Though I don’t really understand, but it is appreciated.


If they also ship out of Shanghai; then in theory Shanghai should ship to Korea & Hong Kong to Thailand. As they are in opposite directions.

But I don’t know how their logistics work tbh. But was sure I have seen both Shanghai & Hong Kong in the past.


Thank you for your answer. I understand you. So, does “Build” in the Spreadsheets mean that the shipping company has the HMDs?


Another day and no tracking as yet for me lol


Me, too.
They said they will send them all 8K by March 8th.
I think it’ll be decided next week.


I hope so as it would not be good to be ancedotal.


I still have yet to be sent my 5k yet alone my 8k so i am sure there is not as many already in the uk warehouses as they said otherwise why have i not got mine i was told my address was all ok


Have they released an updated spreadsheet this week ?


Yup. There’s a separate topic for the spreadsheet


thanks still building ?


Still no update, to be precise.


should we form a no track zone exclusive club


feels like i am a long time member already
another morning and yet again no DPD messages:(


I am getting to the point that I am pretty sure I will see a DPD message on 1st of April…and then the spreadsheet will go back to ‘building’.

Over 2 months of ‘shipping’ from China to HK warehouse…and now weeks in the spreadsheet with ‘shipped’ status and no kind of notifications whatsoever from a freight forwarder, just about makes you want to tell them to turn back whatever refugee raft they have found to ship it on and go buy something else.


@Dallas.Hao can you help this @Mrvr fellow, he is whining (understandable) a lot in every thread. Thank you.


Sorry for the whining its just frustrating awaiting 3 different headsets from them and one is a replace as it was not right the 4K BE lol


Update 20190304
batch 1, quantity 70 Ship date:08th Oct 2018
batch 2, quantity 127 Ship date :14 NOV 2018
batch 3, quantity 136 Ship date :28 NOV 2018
Batch 4 quantity 130 Ship date : 3rd Dec 2018 68 units;5 Dec 2018 Today(new ship method) 62 units
Batch 5 quantity 118 Ship date : 6th Dec 2018 on the way
Batch 6 quantity 144 Ship date:10th Dec 2018
Batch 7 quantity 168 Ship date: 40 Units(11th Dec 2018) 128 units(12th Dec 2018)
Batch 8 quantity 172 Ship date: 68 units (18th Dec 2018) 104 units(19th Dec 2018)
Batch 9 quantity 206 Ship date: 64 units(20th Dec 2018)142 units(21th Dec 2018)
Batch 10 quantity 244 Ship date: 104 units (25th Dec 2018[backer Number 357-1429]) 104 units (26th Dec 2018[Backer Number:1450 ~6078]) 36 units(27th Dec 2018)
Batch 11 quantity 200 Ship date:104 units (28th Dec 2018) 96 units (29th Dec)
Batch 12 quantity 312 Ship date:184 units(2nd Jan 2019) 128 units(4th Jan 2019)
Batch 13 quantity 368 Ship date:176 units(7th Jan 2019) 192 units (8th Jan 2019)
Batch 14 quantity 472 Ship date 208 units(9th Jan 2019) 264 units(10th Jan 2019)
Batch 15 quantity 409 Ship date:280 units(11th Jan 2019) 129 units(14th Jan 2019)
Batch 16 quantity 232 Ship date: 104 units(15th Jan 2019) 128 units(16th Jan 2019)
Batch 17 quantity 360 Ship date: 208 units(18th Jan 2019) 152 units(21st Jan 2019)
Batch 18 quantity 368 Ship date: 232 units( 22nd Jan 2019) 136 units(23rd Jan 2019)
Batch 19 quantity 152 Ship date: 96 units (24th Jan 2019) 56 units(25th Jan 2019)
Batch 20 quantity 232 Ship date: 128 units (28th Jan 2019) 104 units(29th Jan 2019)
Batch 21 quantity 336 Ship date: 136units(12th Feb 2019) 200 units(13th Feb 2019)
Batch 22 quantity 56 Ship date 56 units(14th Feb 2019)
Batch 23 quantity 168 Ship date 27th Feb 2019
Batch 24 quantity 80 Ship date 4th March 2019

The 8K headset start shipping on 4th March

Thank you for this informations. so people just know whats going on


Is backer 6248s in that lot?


我看到了 8k-US 和 8k-EU, 8k-CN 在哪?
I saw 8k-US And 8k-EU in this img,but where is the 8k-CN?