[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 19th Mar 2019



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That ping pong table just keeps getting bigger. :rofl:


Some kind of nonsense, in our country already backer №3383 received today 8K. And I (No. 2983) are still waiting; there is no tracking or any notification.

In the spread sheet, I stand 190 in a row.
Moreover, received today 8K number 3383 from our country, is also in the table “build” so far.
Update the table again.
There were promises to send all 8K headsets to all Backers until March 8.
I really hope that my 8K is already going somewhere, and I will get it soon. This expectation is becoming unbearable.


They don’t care about backer number order at all. Even #6976 in UK, probably one of the last backers already got his 8K.

While at #2XXX still nothing.


Spreadsheet Update please

Remaining 8K Backers Waiting Thread

These shipping updates are worthless…



Why are your posts being flagged ? What’s the problem with what you are saying ?


I believe the HK Freight forwarder is lazy.


I’m guessing someone thinks it’s off-topic, since he mentions the 4K. I certainly don’t find it objectionable, but I have a high tolerance for off-topic posts.


This topic might be closed after all kickstarter shipment finished,but it will always be here.It’s good memory of us.

Preorder backers don’t need this to follow every step of shipment.they will receive headset much faster than kickstarter backers(Logistic always improves)

Every poster in this topic is early backers(This is the beginning of pimax shipment history)


I will never say i like this post. :yum::yum::yum::yum:


I was thinking the same. On the other hand, while none of those single posts I see worth of flagging, he is spamming them now in many threads.


I love the HK forwarder. So please ship it to the Asian backer as fast as UK and US.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Logistics improve? You mean not using slow boat right?


Fast enough to avoid brexit? Let me doubt this.
Anyway, I won’t pay 1 more cent for a tax we were not supposed to pay.


Yeah the EU is just ridiculous much like Nafta.


I’m not sure if that kind of comment belongs in here.


NAFTA fell not that it is necessarily replaced by something better.


We are not here to talk about politics.


Your right we should leave Brexit out of it. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: