[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 19th Mar 2019



Is there information for pre-orders?


They haven’t made a deadline since the Kickstarter (2017),so you would be hard pressed to prove a deliberate deception on that basis. Also, in case you haven’t followed the production, be aware that the 8K fell behind due to a parts delay and rejection while the 5K+ produced beyond KS and pre-order demand.
The logistics regarding shipping to (and from) the warehouses and the inefficiencies there also wouldn’t make a case for deliberate deception, just questionable choices that will change as distribution become more local.
If you use the spreadsheet to try and figure out when you might see your hmd you will go crazy. Ask any KS backer. Months of looking at spreadsheets did nothing to advance that knowledge, It only created pages of speculation in this forum.
Best advice is be glad so many have gone before. All indications are the guys at the back of the pack are benefiting from the process. I can tell you that the 5K+ I got last week is a great piece of kit and the hardware shows none of the problems early recipients were complaining about. It is worth the wait.


Unfortunately, nothing is known by pre-order 8K, since haven’t sent them to all the backers yet.


They made a concrete promise that they would send all the remaining 8K until March 8!

And where is it now? That and it is that in the period from February 27 to March 11, they sent a maximum of 39 headsets.

And this is not the first time when all the time promises are not fulfilled in time.


Batch 26 quantity 64 Ship date 11th Mar 2019
In your Producktion Picture you prommised 3 Lines with 100 Pices per day.

Now u have produce in 6 Days 64 Pices? Whats wrong?

In one month u sent 500 Pices… that is normaly to do in 2 or 3 Days
like Batch 15 quantity 409 Ship date:280 units(11th Jan 2019) 129 units(14th Jan 2019)
So whats wrong??


No it happens every time and has since Dec 2017 and you are not the first to complain (in case you haven’t noticed) and you seem to have been a forum member long enough to know the score and to know most people here know the score.
You are “preaching to the choir”


That’s the point.
If you noticed that I was here for a long time, then you should have noticed that I almost never complained about anything before.

But there is a limit to everything and my patience is also not unlimited.

I note that before I always understood the situation and supported.

But when the backer from my country # 3833 gets 8K before me (# 2983), it becomes very incomprehensible and unfair.

Why does such a mess occur, why are not the order numbers of the backers kept, why are we being pushed back all the time, and also not by the Backer number and so on?


Well as a backer you can’t cancel, and the fact the current shipping method has been shown not to afford sequential shipping, so you kind of have to live with it.
If you wish to sell in protest when you finally receive your headset, that would be your prerogative, but beyond that any stress you allow your self to feel will only harm you. That is my point.


I do not intend to sell anything, I do not need any protest.
My only and understandable desire is for my headset to come into my hands as soon as possible and for me to start using it with pleasure.
All my words are aimed at ensuring that Pimax has already given some intelligible answer for all remaining waiting 8K backers.
I do not need psychological or any other support, thank you.

And all this happens only because the Pimax keeps us in the dark.
Even @PimaxUSA has almost ceased to give information.

@PimaxUSA, can you at least say why our remaining 8K is not sent before March 8, as promised to all of us?
Why is there no information so far? If you could not send before March 8, as promised, then at least please, let us know, why this happened, and when this issue will be resolved.


Glad to hear the situation isn’t taking a toll.


I moved from 16x to 13x. Very, very sad indeed.

@PimaxUSA - you said on a webcast a couple of weeks ago that the remaining 8K backers would be “getting their stuff” in a couple of weeks.

What is happening?


Last batches are just 8k units which there are a far less orders of.(800 vs 7000 for the 5k+ or something like that)


The next thing I do not understand when the last batch (64 pieces) went to the EU, why would I (45xx) be skipped by other higher numbers? :thinking: What shoud that? Fair is something else!:angry:


Truth there seems to be a widespread inconsistancies in shipping as I have observed some in most countries are receiving.

Even with attempting to elevate different time sensitive issues are hit & miss. Like missing/stolen headsets.

And we are having difficulty getting basic questions answered on pitool releases.


Update 20190312
batch 1, quantity 70 Ship date:08th Oct 2018
batch 2, quantity 127 Ship date :14 NOV 2018
batch 3, quantity 136 Ship date :28 NOV 2018
Batch 4 quantity 130 Ship date : 3rd Dec 2018 68 units;5 Dec 2018 Today(new ship method) 62 units
Batch 5 quantity 118 Ship date : 6th Dec 2018 on the way
Batch 6 quantity 144 Ship date:10th Dec 2018
Batch 7 quantity 168 Ship date: 40 Units(11th Dec 2018) 128 units(12th Dec 2018)
Batch 8 quantity 172 Ship date: 68 units (18th Dec 2018) 104 units(19th Dec 2018)
Batch 9 quantity 206 Ship date: 64 units(20th Dec 2018)142 units(21th Dec 2018)
Batch 10 quantity 244 Ship date: 104 units (25th Dec 2018[backer Number 357-1429]) 104 units (26th Dec 2018[Backer Number:1450 ~6078]) 36 units(27th Dec 2018)
Batch 11 quantity 200 Ship date:104 units (28th Dec 2018) 96 units (29th Dec)
Batch 12 quantity 312 Ship date:184 units(2nd Jan 2019) 128 units(4th Jan 2019)
Batch 13 quantity 368 Ship date:176 units(7th Jan 2019) 192 units (8th Jan 2019)
Batch 14 quantity 472 Ship date 208 units(9th Jan 2019) 264 units(10th Jan 2019)
Batch 15 quantity 409 Ship date:280 units(11th Jan 2019) 129 units(14th Jan 2019)
Batch 16 quantity 232 Ship date: 104 units(15th Jan 2019) 128 units(16th Jan 2019)
Batch 17 quantity 360 Ship date: 208 units(18th Jan 2019) 152 units(21st Jan 2019)
Batch 18 quantity 368 Ship date: 232 units( 22nd Jan 2019) 136 units(23rd Jan 2019)
Batch 19 quantity 152 Ship date: 96 units (24th Jan 2019) 56 units(25th Jan 2019)
Batch 20 quantity 232 Ship date: 128 units (28th Jan 2019) 104 units(29th Jan 2019)
Batch 21 quantity 336 Ship date: 136units(12th Feb 2019) 200 units(13th Feb 2019)
Batch 22 quantity 56 Ship date 56 units(14th Feb 2019)
Batch 23 quantity 168 Ship date 27th Feb 2019
Batch 24 quantity 160 Ship date 80 units (4th Mar 2019) 80 units (5th Mar 2019)
Batch 25 quantity 120 Ship date 120 Units(6th Mar) 96 units(8th Mar 2019)
Batch 26 quantity 152 Ship date 64 units (11th Mar 2019) 88 units (12th Mar 2019)


It would be helpful if you say how many of the units are 8K, or if they are all 8Ks.


Today the 12th is my birthday, I hope Pimax is sending me my 5K+ present :slight_smile:


Are the items in the picture sending HMD to overseas warehouse now? Is that what you call “ship”?


Focused on the US office details, we have received and are sending out some headsets and performing limited support. We are doing two events next week GTC and GDC. (Booth #1716 at GTC) and I’ll be at GDC the last 1.5 days of that (+ the first 3 days of GTC) . Between the office launch and prep for two simultaneous shows there’s not much extra time.

BTW if anyone would like to visit with me at either event let me know via a PM.


I haven’t had time to look too much into regions beyond NA but here we do have regular shipments arriving at the FF and into our local office. I would point out that one of the shipments had a lengthy wait at US customs.

First shipment of components will be here soon as well. All the units that leave our local office get an extra hand test and as a result 0% of the devices that we have relayed have had any reported defects.