[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 19th Mar 2019



Nobody uses this information, because the headsets are not sent in sequence anyway … What do you want to achieve with this information? For the backer, it would be better to have a daily groomed spreadseet, instead of pictures with boxes, where no one can do anything with …


Hmm, any idea about why 5k BE is delayed so much? Still waiting on any kind of official comment on as to when its is expected, any news on when i as earlybird backer get mine greatly apreciated, thanks



They don’t answer any questions or emails. Am I a leper Consumer? Is it wrong to just invest in things that are of interest and point out the problem of shipping? We put up with the delay, and we put up with the order of delivery even if it was a mess. What we want is not much. Detailed delivery status. That is, “Where are your HMD now?”


Ok. I’m normally a very patient guy. I can deal with delays no probs. I really wanted to not post anything, but I’m almost out of options, so I’m going to have to start making noise publically. Long story short - pimax contact me re shipping details. I’ve tried to contact them back by preorder@ - no response (not even a “we’ve received your email”), then to support@ - no response. I created a support ticket asking for assistance and a few days later was told its for technical support only, and they closed the ticket. I’ve since lodged a new ticket asking for technical support with their broken email preorder@ - I’ll post back if there’s any resemblance of a helpful response from pimax.

@PimaxUSA : - do you have any other communication avenues to help here?

has anyone got any response from preorder@pimaxvr.com at all? how long did it take?

Thanks - i’ll be monitoring this thread and any others I post in.


Check this out:

Pimax on Facebook


Just got a response today from Pimax. Looks like a generic response.

“Dear Customer,
Hello, our current 8k production speed is a bit slow, and the domestic arrival of overseas warehouses takes some time, so it delays your delivery time, we feel very sorry, for this we will send you a small later Gifts as compensation, we are working hard to optimize production speed and logistics time, all pre-sale 5K+ goods will be sent out at the end of March, and then send the logistics tracking number to you, thank you for your patience and support.”

Guess I’ll wait until the end of March but seriously running out of patience. I want a 5K+ so I’ll forgive them for a bit but not if it goes into April. Seriously, how hard is it to get tracking number from a freight forwarder, I buy stuff from China all the time for quad copters and I get tracking number from foreign shippers and its the same number the big USA three shippers use too when it gets into the country.


You’re right… for me the shipping from China to Russia takes 3-7 days (expedited), 10 -20 days (regular), 1-2 months (cheap crap)


No facebook account makes that offer for support pretty worthless unfortunately.


Not so as any one of us that fo can post your issue & forum name.

Plus a FB account is easy to make needn’t compromise any info you don’t want to publish.


I would sooner cancel my order than make a facebook account just for support.


What the problem you mean support shouldn’t be using the support software getting no answer, emailing CS getting no answer, and then going to forums and getting no answer. Whats wrong with adding yet another layer to the problem?


Ok, I can post your words for you, if you want. :slight_smile:


honestly I’m pretty much over this whole pimax rat race now. If I don’t hear or see anything by next week I’m just cancelling. This was supposed to be a present for my wife’s birthday on the 11th (obviously never hit the deadline of “ship 21st feb”, lies) so it is starting to become more trouble than it is worth to me.


Tbh in 6 months or even 3 these processes should be refined & in control. Otherwise at best support is in a Beta phase.


I tried to cancel mine, I got told I could not as it was already sent, however Fedex did not receive the package for almost a week after this…


Batch 27 quantity 120 Ship date 120 units(13th Mar 2019)


eu supporters are happy, but we are sad. ~T T~


What do you want to achieve with this information? For the backer, it would be better to have a daily groomed spreadseet, instead of pictures with boxes, where no one can do anything with …


@Dallas.Hao : I realise you’re probably super busy but please consider employing someone to answer emails to preorder@pimaxvr.com and support@ … You’ve sent me emails from this address and they are advertised all over your website and material. At the moment emails are falling on deaf ears. Pimax is not responding to these email addresses for weeks. There are multiple threads complaining. This does not look good for potential buyers (because it really isnt).

Beware potential buyers - pimax support as at 201903 is… absent. I sincerely hope someone at pimax reads this and takes action because things are dire right now.


Indeed not answering pre order cancel requests until item is shipped is not a good business action. Can result in cummative losses financially.