[Pimax 11th Mar Updated]Suggestions for Pimax



Aren’t they now talking about pcix 6.0 now?


Yes, it’s for 2021 https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/pci-express-6-coming-2021/


Well at present in 8kX DP 1.4 dsc is reported working for single cable.

And PCIx 6.0 will be in time for dp 1.5

Biggest issue atm is computer hardware seems to be in a huge flux.


I think 8kx with a single cable will be at only 75Hz due to the actual bandwidth limitation.


Xtal I believe runs 70hz. 8kX currently said to be 75 stable & testing is being conducted on 80hz.


Hi-res VR is just at the cusp of practicality. Trade-offs must be made. I’ve run my 8K at 72Hz and it was fine (for seated games). 75Hz should be acceptable to most people, but of course, a higher framerate would be even better.


I think 2 things would be intresting for some.

  1. 32Hz mode - more demanding games like DCS or Ił2 can’t achieve 64Hz not to mention about 72 or 90. SS is OK but I still prefer to play 64HZ in 64fps than 90Hz with 45 fps… For many 64Hz is very OK so maybe 32 would be ok too. Maybe this could be also good for movies.

  2. It would be great to have something like reshade filters in Pitool. Mainly to set sharpening filter. It should be much less demanding than supersampling and almost same useful.


I’m curious: Why do you want a sharpening filter? I’m trying to get rid of the awful jaggies using SS and that would make it worse.


Sure that would be flicker city in your face…


If I am not mistaken. If you set pitool to 64hz; when it can’t achieve 64 it’s running at 32 reprojected to 64.


I think with sharpening filter you could have almost as good picture as with supersampling increased, but with less cpu and gpu power. Ił2 Sturmovik has such a feature and it is working very nice. I could lower SS and planes inside looks still very sharp. PCars provide such a feature too. But these are only two titles that I know about.


Don’t think so. Cinema movies are 24fps and I bet you don’t see any flicker :wink:


Yes, but reprojection creates double vision artefacts with quick changing objects on the left and right side (I mean when you look right or left). Smart Smoothing never be as good as native frequency.


And you have a 24 hz Monitor? I guess you are mixing up fps and hz…


Maybe… Pimax 5k has 64Hz screens?


Just stumbled around this forum and i’m happy to see that feedback is taken and being looked at.

My suggestions would be as follows:

  • Maybe try to make a SteamVR native firmware for the headset that bypasses PiTool. Even if it limits FOV. It gives the user an option to choose between compability and FOV. PiTool is still, even with the .180 beta hijacking my Knuckles and Base stations causing them to NOT work properly. They work fine on regular sessions of VR gameplay. But not for competetive Beat Saber. The tracking keeps messing up even though, with the exact same base stations and controllers, my Index does not. So it’s in the Headset/Firmware/PiTool. I’m willing to sacrafice a lot of time to test and help troubleshooting. But this just has to be fixed and it not something a $900 headset should be dealing with. (Issue exists on all Pimax 200 degree headsets)

  • Make sure to actually close the deal with VRCover. I’ve seen post about samples being tested but they are still not available. I’m using one for a Vive Pro for now but i would love to get the proper sized one.

  • Improve on cable design and quality. Make sure it includes the following:

    • Breakout cable so i don’t rip the connectors out of my GPU when tripping
    • Properly shield the cable to get rid of the snow effect people are experiencing
    • Use better quality connectors and let your design team go over the design once again. The headset
      side of the cable is barely removable
  • SteamVR home crashes after 5 minutes on the large FOV setting. Normal FOV is fine however.