[Pimax 11th Mar Updated]Suggestions for Pimax



Aren’t they now talking about pcix 6.0 now?


Yes, it’s for 2021 https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/pci-express-6-coming-2021/


Well at present in 8kX DP 1.4 dsc is reported working for single cable.

And PCIx 6.0 will be in time for dp 1.5

Biggest issue atm is computer hardware seems to be in a huge flux.


I think 8kx with a single cable will be at only 75Hz due to the actual bandwidth limitation.


Xtal I believe runs 70hz. 8kX currently said to be 75 stable & testing is being conducted on 80hz.


Hi-res VR is just at the cusp of practicality. Trade-offs must be made. I’ve run my 8K at 72Hz and it was fine (for seated games). 75Hz should be acceptable to most people, but of course, a higher framerate would be even better.