[Pimax 11th Mar Updated]Suggestions for Pimax



AFAIK they already added that to SteamVR (sometime after the KS ended), although I may be mistaken.

Also, I have some doubts about whether they could really just get the HMD to work with SteamVR, since Valve has been helping Pimax out a lot to implement their own version of ASW. I doubt Valve would do that if Pimax could just use their version (by using SteamVR).


Has Pimax looked into micro-oled for creating curved displays?


To the best of our knowledge, no. Despite their claims about CLPL it doesn’t appear that Pimax actually makes any displays. They just buy displays that already exist (like most other HMD manufacturers).


I think it would be VERY wise to send an hmd to the simracing youtuber Jimmy Broadbent.

Today he reviewed “The McLaren Edition Vive Pro” that HTC (thanks for sending him lighthouse sensors :yum:) sent him.
He complains that the head strap adjustment knob sticks out too much for his racing seat which will not be a problem with the Pimax.
But best of all, he complains that the FOV is too small. He says: “Something that I’m a little bit disappointed in, though, is that the FOV is pretty much the same as the Oculus Rift”

He really emphasizes the insane price of the Pro (and especially the McLaren edition) and says that 700-750£ had been a price point to consider.
That is why you really should send him the 5K+ instead of an 8K. Reading gauges is another good reason to send the 5K+.

Do it, Pimax! This guy has 200000 subscribers on youtube and you can show them, Jimmy, HTC and Oculus the virtual horizon in almost all its glory.


I have that problem with DAS straps and the bulky adjustment at the back. My bucket seat is in the perfect position but I have to sit with my head forward. He needs the Pimax standard strap with one of these mods. I was using this with a pair of Senheiser HD650’s. Its a nice combo



I’ve just received a pair of Sennheiser HD660S this week. I got them for music and had thought it’s a bit over the top for vr, but I’ll be trying them soon in that capacity.
I’m loving them for music. Got my long lusted after, but only recently brought myself to acquire, Astell and Kern DAP. It’s a great combo.


Nice! I don’t have a das so that mod will definitely be of use to me. I have the Bose QC35 and after hours of play it creates discomfort because it pushes on the Pimax strap and its stitching.


Make sure the carbon layer below the button does not stick to the motherboard underneath over time, i have been using oculus touch controllers for 2 years now and the carbon gets stuck frequently and the associated function is always engaged even though corresponding action was not performed and i had to replace 10 pairs of controllers over 2 years under warranty and it’s a pain to deal with, make sure that doesn’t happen with your controllers as vr gaming can be intensive and those buttons can be pressed hard during playing games.

Request: lens distortion presets for facepad thickness

Create a better initial set up guide online. Have an illustrative landing page that walks through the entire setup, but also has possible solutions for people encountering issues.


Far left and far right of left eye and right eye respectively are compressing geometry and I know this can be easily fixed. You might even save on some performance because it might unnecessarily bringing In additional visuals that should be at that visual degree.
Also visual compression at very top and very bottom of both eyes.



  • make “standby button” into menu/ok button and use volume up down to navigate. then allow use up down button to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness like TV
  • also include distortion adjustments so users can adjust distortion profile and see results in realtime
  • also allow saving of these settings to user presets, eg. allow 5 different preset slots for user to save settings


Not really a good picture but the sun was fun to make.

Anyway here’s some suggestions, albeit some redundancy from other people’s requests.

Fix the image squeezing on far left and far right of view. Should just be adjusting distortion profile.

A button in pitool that will end and reboot the processes and services:
The only way I’ve ever been able to use pimax is by ending these and letting the piservicelauncher reboot them. I have no idea why this is necessary.

Ipd controls within pitool. I want the mechanical ipd separate from the software adjustment that affects perception of scale of geometry.

Saturation/contrast/sharpening controls


Should include 3 Face Foams of different thickness. Right now the one that I received is not thick enough to fix IPD distortions. If I pull the HMD from my face about 1/2 inch it helps.


Sorry for the late reply.
I collected your suggestion immediately after see this at first time.(only like this post rather than reply)

I am going to create a topic for collecting all of suggestions from backers and show the priority level this week


Thx, that’s a useful suggestion for us to improve backers’ VR experience


I would like to disable “small box view” while adjusting volume or IPD.
It is risky while gaming.


Can you describe your issue more clearly?


I agree that some advanced options in pitools would be useful

software ipd control not fixed to the physical thumb control

also a world scale control

different distortion profiles to try

If these are possible


They need a distortion profile for eyes closer to the lens


What i mean is this small box.