[Pimax 11th Mar Updated]Suggestions for Pimax



My suggestion to Pimax is to not only focus on manufacturing hardware but rather be more like Oculus and get a killer app connected with your headset.
For example contact Frontier the developer of Elite Dangerous and partner with them in producing super wide support for Pimax. Get them to have a pimax setting in game that takes full advantage of 170 field of view.


The biggest suggestion I can give to Pimax right now is to work on their customer support. A lot of people are complaining about late orders, tracking numbers arriving after the product arrives, lack of communication, and a horrendous RMA process.

Pimax 5k+ and 8k and incredible products, with a few imperfect headsets.

The most important thing that will allow Pimax to distinguish itself from the competition is the support staff. And right now, from all the complaints I’ve been seeing all over the place, support is lacking.

The second most important thing that will distinguish Pimax from its competitors is quality control. Each headset must go through rigorous inspection and testing. There is no excuse for headsets breaking prematurely, or being dead on arrival. A good QA staff is an absolute must for customer satisfaction.


Suggestion sheet updated,backers can see your suggestion status(pitool suggestions are going to be solved,our colleague are working on this)


I’m puzzled why I have not received my pimax yet preordered oct 27 no tracking. People that ordered a month later than me have already received their pimax. I guess it really didn’t benefit me ordering early. Sorry to sound upset but I’m just disappointed.


i have waited over a year now so dont panic yet lol


Not panicking just trying to figure out how they can justify their shipping practices.


Its a mess but i think they are improving i know its of little help believe me i await daily for info on my stuff as well


Please get an official SSL certificate for your piplay-us site, also signing all PiTool versions that are available from your website would be a plus. Inspiring confidence for a few dollars. :+1:


It’s cheaper.

They aren’t sending stuff direct. I think they are sending boxes with multiple headsets to a reshipper in each destination area via a slow, but economical method. The reshipper then opens the boxes and ships individual headsets to the final destination.


Add a step or two… but yeah


I will repost my suggestion as it did not make it on the sheet, likely due to length.

Suggestion 1: Microphone placement makes no sense. Future revisions should have microphone centrally located.

Suggestion 2: Integrate with SteamVR natively so Pitool is not required (but remains optional)


AFAIK the reason it isn’t centered is to avoid mic pop and breathing noises, which you would get if it was placed directly in front of your mouth.

Sounds good in theory but not in practice. First, they still need PiTool for everything that doesn’t use SteamVR. Second, AFAIK SteamVR doesn’t provide all the functionality they need to make the headset work properly.


With the additional frame rate/brainwarp/brightness settings, I would like to see per app config files(before any more options), possibly a batch file that would apply these settings>restart steamvr. I mainly launch games from within SteamVR Home, we could create a ‘pre-configured game’ and then launch that game as a ‘non Steam game shortcut’. Would this be possible?


Suggestion: Stop actively hurting your most loyal friends like this: https://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/pimax-official-activity-sharing-your-gaming-experience-with-pimax-winner-get-rtx2080ti


I am still in process of setting my device up, and hit some unrelated hardware issue, but the number one issue I have with Pimax vs my previous headsets is “Smart Smoothing”. It needs a lot of investment to be comparable to ASW/WMR reprojection. I have to have it off because it is simply unusable - produces too many artifacts.

But in general - very positively surprised with Pimax device, huge thanks. I just hope that whatever software changes Pimax will do in the future, they will leave customer in control (like Windows and Android do, and unlike some other platforms) and make things like Home, Dashes, Telemetry optional and not enforced. As long as that is the case - you just got new and loyal customer in me.


It’s just the beginning,backers didn’t received their headset can join other activities.(we want to hold more activities in the future)


still wrong as backers without their 5k are missing out why do we need to be punished again in this way


Future activities have nothing to do with this one. When all backers have their headsets, no problem. Right now, big problem.


Thanks for reporting this - nose is also my issue with Pimax (and also had problem with Odyssey), I am originally from Northern Europe. I do hope that VRCover will release thicker padding for Pimax, that should hopefully address this issue. Question is if image will stay in focus though.

I think because those devices are very personal, future devices should include multiple padding/faceplate options.


We decided to take your suggestion into consideration after discussion.Thanks for your suggestion.