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Hi All,

I think that in the short term, Pimax should have an application like “oculus mirror” that allow you to capture the Pimax experience into a video (instead of one eye one).

Please continue your great work on the software side.



I see @neelrocker suggested a hardware solution back in October, but how about adding an adjustable blue light filter slider in software to Pitool?

This is for use of the headsets later in the evening and to avoid issues with being kept awake after use. Much the same as modern monitors offer, with up to 5 levels of filtering, depending on personal preference.


That’s a good suggestion.

Having a blue light filter slider will also improve the overall brightness of the unit the lower the strength of the filter as well!



  • Pitool Saved Settings Profile for each game.
  • Distortion Correction Profile for each face/fov.
  • Colour options for saturation/gamma /contrast/sharpness in Pitool
  • Software IPD adjustment and individual IPD adjustment, two IPD wheels in new models.
  • Proximity sensor in newer models.
  • Aspherical lenses/Small 190/160 fov lenses for low IPD users
  • Anti-SDE tech models, or Anti-SDE tech implemented in future models like Samsung Oddesey+ AntiSDE solution.
  • Controllers with less obstructive tracking rings that don’t wrap around the wrist.
  • Lighthouse 2.0, not inside out tracking.
  • 8KX to use one cable using DP 1.4/1.5 or HDMI 2.1.
  • Full rgb lcd 8K (8K+) with 1080p upscaling if better than 1440p upscaling.
  • Full rgb lcd used in the 8KX.
  • Full rgb Oled version of the 8k - 8K XR (8K BE) when 4k oled full rgb becomes available.

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@mozi @PimaxUSA Read above suggestions pls.


Got it, I will let our PM study these great advices.


@mozi Please consider using HDMI 2.1 or DisplayPort 1.4/1.5 for the 8KX, it should suffice for 1 cable.

In DP 1.4 the use of video transport compression enhances the ability to take advantage of the USB Type-C connector, enabling both high-definition video and SuperSpeed USB, while also facilitating High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 8K video across the DisplayPort or USB-C connector. Examples of increased display resolution with the new standard include 8Kp60Hz HDR deep color and 4Kp120Hz HDR deep color.


Even a DP1.4 with HBR3 should suffice…


Feature suggestions: make the FoV Setting in PiTool More customizable. Add a Slider to increase or decrease the FoV from 110 degrees to 170 in 1 Degree steps. It could save up more Performance or fix Problems with games which have errors with high FoV settings even in small FoV.

Feature Suggestion: Steam VR Energy Support. Can’t activate Bluetooth with the Pimax and therefore can’t turn off the base Stations automatically when exiting steam VR.


do notice this in pvr_srv.log:

[19-03-19 16:20:17][PSRV] standby mode enter.
[19-03-19 16:20:17][PSRV] lightHouse:Device LHR-FF539B40 powering off upon entering standby.
[19-03-19 16:20:17][PSRV] lightHouse:Device LHR-FDC39F41 powering off upon entering standby.
[19-03-19 16:20:17][PSRV] lightHouse:Device LHR-FF539B40 powering off upon entering standby.
[19-03-19 16:20:17][PSRV] lightHouse:Device LHR-FDC39F41 powering off upon entering standby.
[19-03-19 16:27:22][PSRV] standby mode leave.

Looks like its trying to turn them off


I’m a Marketing Director and Chartered Marketer by trade.

My suggestion is to remove the misleading and predatory ‘ships by’ dates on your purchase page that I think you knew you would never meet. Lying to your customers might get you more sales but it’s a terrible way to do business. And it would be illegal in the UK.

You want to pivot to a market orientation. Ie each part of the business revolves around delivering customer value. That’s the number one priority which the whole business works toward. Because your customers and their experience IS your business. Under promise. Over deliver. If it takes 2 months to receive headsets. Then be honest about that in your sales blurb. Explain the reasons. And that you are working hard to streamline it for the future. That support now will help everyone get a great headset.

If you have made a promise. Everyone should bend over backwards to meet it. This is what our business has to do to compete in our saturated market. Failing that. DO NOT MAKE THE PROMISE. Even/especially if you think it’s what people want to hear!


FS2, DCS and XPLANE without parallel projections to gain more performance. FFR working on those flight simulators to gain even more performance.


I think I speak for EVERYONE when I say that we would all love the ability to adjust the software distortion correction values in real time via PiTool. Or maybe just different distortion profiles for some common face types.Once I can fix object compression on the outside edges, I will be ecstatic!


Which headset? & backer or ore order?


Preorder. Why?

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Tagging purposes. You likely have noticed 5k+ & 8k like my user name has headset under user name.

5k+ I presume?


Yeah I figured. And yes, 5k+ :slight_smile:



Have you guys thought about adding an option to disable pitool’s grabbing of controllers and trackers entirely (and maybe a option to have them only grab certain ones based on type)? I happen to have trackers and dongles and I’ve had issues with the way pitool grabs them. it may also be useful for future proofing as it would let the drivers installed grab controller and tracker-like devices instead of pitool (which may mishandle them).


If I recall @VoodooDE mentioned before with tracking pucks is to setup headset & controllers in pitool then pair trackers in steam with dongles.


I actually managed to do it with directly with pitool (method’s a bit weird and fiddly but it worked), thing is i’d rather have those managed by steam as there is no reason for pitool to grab them (and honestly, same for controllers if i’m connecting them to dongles)
also pitool does a funky auto turn-off thing which is annoying…