[Pimax 11th Mar Updated]Suggestions for Pimax



There is a new beta that may handle differently.

I don’t have LHes & controllers. Pitool needs to at least grab controllers for Oculus compatability. New Beta does apparently work with knuckles.


I saw the support for Knuckles controllers and was hoping this would change how Pitool handled the Vive wands as it appears it is preventing OVRIE from creating keybinds for digital inputs. OVRIE only lists ‘analog inputs’ in the remapping page, and the latest Pitool beta doesn’t change that.

EDIT: After looking into this further, it looks like SteamVR broke the OVRIE input remapping, and it isn’t a Pitool issue.


Well I tried the new beta (.121, quite a time ago actually now, but only reporting today because of a post i saw on reddit) and am still having the same problem of the trackers being fiddly to setup, which is sad because once it has been setup once I dont have to touch it anymore and it just works almost everytime…

I’d still rather have steamvr handle them directly…

I guess I’ll also report on knuckles as soon as they’re available because I only have 1 half-working controller and a dead one, and I’m using either a tracker or leap motion to replace the dead one.


They should maybe add a switch in the software maybe.