[Pimax 11th Mar Updated]Suggestions for Pimax



There is a new beta that may handle differently.

I don’t have LHes & controllers. Pitool needs to at least grab controllers for Oculus compatability. New Beta does apparently work with knuckles.


I saw the support for Knuckles controllers and was hoping this would change how Pitool handled the Vive wands as it appears it is preventing OVRIE from creating keybinds for digital inputs. OVRIE only lists ‘analog inputs’ in the remapping page, and the latest Pitool beta doesn’t change that.

EDIT: After looking into this further, it looks like SteamVR broke the OVRIE input remapping, and it isn’t a Pitool issue.


Well I tried the new beta (.121, quite a time ago actually now, but only reporting today because of a post i saw on reddit) and am still having the same problem of the trackers being fiddly to setup, which is sad because once it has been setup once I dont have to touch it anymore and it just works almost everytime…

I’d still rather have steamvr handle them directly…

I guess I’ll also report on knuckles as soon as they’re available because I only have 1 half-working controller and a dead one, and I’m using either a tracker or leap motion to replace the dead one.


They should maybe add a switch in the software maybe.


Another suggestion. Change the strap line - ‘In Dreams We Live’. It doesn’t translate to English right and sounds a bit janky/off.

Also. Granular IPD Adjusment in Pitool i.e. @ .1 level. The addition of the current adjustment in the beta was great for me . But perhaps, along with other features, hide the advanced stuff in an advanced panel so as not to freak people out who just want to plug and play.


Which headset did you receive?


Hi Heliosurge. I got a 5k+. Model P2.


Thank you. Were you a backer or pre order?


I got a pre order. Placed the order around early February.


“Live Your Dreams” translates a lot better.


“In dreams we live” is actually perfect English. You may not like the slogan but it is fine English.
Even the Americans (who wouldn’t know English if it hit them over the head with a cuppa tea) know this is correct language- check the dollar bill.


This also gives the idea of stepping into the imagination.


It might technically be usable, but it reads like a translation. Which it pretty much is. Or at least is written by a non native speaker. Like the rest of their marketing materials.

If they are happy with that, then cool. Anyway. The suggestion was given to try and help. I work on quite a lot of marketing campaigns and also have a background in psychology and novel editing. Thought it might be useful. If the suggestion is deemed not to be. Then that’s cool too.


It is actually more than usable. Instead of soundiing like a hallmark card. It has more inspiration of the imagination.The reality of dreams where anything is possible.


I think ‘We live our dreams’ or ‘We live in our dreams’ sounds much better, without losing the core idea.


Or ‘only in our dreams do we truly live’ or ‘it is only in our dreams, that we truly live’.

Anyway, i’ll give over now!


Reliability is the Pimax’s most immediate weakness.

Allow end-user disabling of, if not completely abandon, all power management headset features. Fewer features, more reliability.

Release PiTool with robust Smart Smoothing soon.

I turn off my HMD hardware manually. Many other users undoubtedly do the same.



to make in Pitool the choice of the lens profile for different eye-to-lens distances, so that everyone could choose a profile with minimal distortion for themselves. I had big problems with distortion on 14mm foam, so I had to replace it with 22mm. Now they are smaller, but this distance is not optimal. It would be great to just pick the right profile and enjoy.


in fact, if you have the exact values of the lens surface and the refractive index, you can calculate the desired profile in real time, for any point where the pupil is located. A bit of math and it’s done.


Which headset did you receive?