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8k. 3 days ago :slight_smile: I know, many ppl dont have distortion problems, but some ppl have some, and some ppl (like me) have very strong edge distorion (they start from 60 degree and more to edges of horizontal FOV (if use standart 14mm foam), Up and down edges also distorted (but not very much). When i replace foam to 22mm one, its start looking much better, and distortions acceptable (they start almost at edges 140+ degrees and not very strong).


if pimax calculate lens profiles for each distance (with 1mm step), user can just switch profiles until have no distortion at all. Will be cool. I hope they can make this. Its must be not very hard to do.
I think distances is around from -10mm to +10mm from current profile :slight_smile: In my case i place lens 8mm farther from eyes to stop distortion.

btw, when i wear HMD with default 14mm foam my eyelashes touch the lens a little. I think it’s too close :smiley:

PS: if these distances will be too hard for profiles, +5 -5mm will be not bad too. So if u change foam u can finalize picture.

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Sounds like some good info. I have added some pimax team members to your post. Distortions seem to vary from one user to another. Some find thinner foam works while others thicker that have trouble. A recent update in 121b introduced ipd off set that some find help.

In the banner topic the link Pitool downloads has some helpful links. Rec Table of content & ipd labelled links.


This is because with this FOV, everything becomes extremely sensitive to the distance to the lens. And a set of profiles can solve most of this problem.


Agreed though even with Gen1 distance affects perceived FoV & other things. Doc-ok has some good papers on this as well.

Once the Eye tracking module is released we may see automated Distortion corrections with it. Pimax haa been considering this option as these special purpose lense can be more sensitive as you have said with Hi FoV.

Interestly (Aug 2018 for this post) was originally mentioned prior to StarVR mentioning using Eye tracking for dynamic correction; demonstrating both teams on parallel logic.


Eye tracking-based correction profile good for the business version of the helmet, which dresses a lot of different people, and it is very inconvenient to adjust it every time. For personal use, a set of fixed profiles should work quite well.
problems of asymmetry may remain, but this is rare, and has not as strong variations as the depth of the eyes and the shape of the skull.


Suggestion to Pimax, forget the “normal version” and sell only the new rugged version.


My suggestion and very very important for horror and space games:

Allow true blacks on XR using a option. You are even marketing it with “Darker than Black”.


My suggestion would be to improve the initial PiTool setup. If you look at the initial setup for the Vive and the Rift, you see that they have a comprehensive step-by-step setup for the headset and tracking. While that is the preferred long-term goal, a good short term goal would be to prompt the user when PiTool is first installed:

“Do you want to opt-in to the latest beta version of PiTool?”
“Do you currently have basestations set up?”
“Reminder: Make sure your GPU drivers are up-to-date.”


I have both the Rift CV1 and Pimax 5K+ and I love the true blacks and colors of the Rift Oled panels.
I strongly suggest you to use 90Hz AMOLED RGB panels in your next product like the StarVr, even if the price will be higher than the other headsets.


Or at least offer OLED as an option, like the 5K OLED headset.


Pimax is going to make a fourth headset (8kx) and for each type there is a Business version.
For me it’s TOO MUCH and for them it will be unmanageable !
They should definitely replace all this stuff by only One, a StarVr like.


True, but consider this: The headset is modular and most of the parts are the same. There’s not as much effort required to cover a wide price range.


Of course it’s modular and etc.
But my main complain is the fact that none of them is perfect.
It became difficult or impossible to make a unique choice :
The 8K has less SDE but is not as sharp as a 5k+ and it’s frequency is lower.
The XR has crisper colors and deeper blacks than 5k+ but more SDE and lower frequency.


there is no perfect vr headset yet from any brand


High res 90Hz Full RGB Amoled displays with custom lenses is the way to go :star_struck:


we have to wait for that, but maybe amoled will be surpassed with new lcd tech.
Curious about the 8kx 2x 4k rgb sweviver will get a prototype very soon :slight_smile:
i think it will be closest to what we want at the moment, and affordable…


Welcome to VR all headaets are compromises unfortunately. 8kX maybe what were looking for in spite of LCD tech. If Samsung was friendly would like to see Qled lcd in a headset. But we know even samsung isn’t interested in real push (see O+)


At StarVR One prices(no release date confirmed or announced) & lower Res around an Vive Pro.

On the plus we have custom lenses & eye tracking coming. When? Good question


Yes and i hope that the new PCIe 4 and 5 will allow an increase frequency with very high resolution panels and a single cable. PCIe 5.0