Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building


Congratulations to PIMAX on this step forward. I am sure this will ease the uncertainty of some backers and delight the community as whole. I am looking forward to what the community testers have to say once their gag order is lifted!

Pimax 8K May 25tn update discussion
Shipped - the beast is running wild

Well isn’t this a good day, you guys just made a lot of people happy! Can’t wait to hear the results…


Fantastic news @xunshu and the whole Pimax Team!

Congratulations to a serious milestone and now I can’t wait to hear what those beta testers have to say after extensive testing!


I missed the that little extra in the end there, the eye tracking module looks to be coming along too. That was an unexpected surprise.


for those who are searching for the latest update:


This even looks like both eyes are being tracked. The original module was to be a single eye only but if this is true I’m very pleased. Two-eye tracking can help with more accurate focus detection than one eye can


Looks great though it seems in it current state it’ll reduce the fov


Congrats now I’m really getting excited.


This combination right here has the ability to smash all other currently available headsets to pieces


Congratulations and well done Pimax, look forward to the beta tester reviews.

Please don’t stop posting the updates, pictures, and video.


Maybe just a temporary design for testing? Hopefully in the end it will be mounted/installed for full FOV


woohoo. Dont let me down SweViver, looking forward to an in depth review


I think PimaxVR staff is watching too many Hollywood flicks.:performing_arts:
They were just waiting until the very last second in May for creating a big drama to give us tension and relief.


That’s the news we all were waiting for :grinning:.
And this time with some explanation under the photo’s.
Well done @xunshu.


Congrats ! Well done ! Now I am not worried anymore :slight_smile: Thanks you !


So I guess a month of beta testing and if all is well delivery in August - October to backers?


Normaly they will prepare mass production while the testers test the hmd. They plan to ship in june. I guess the sooner the better, as they want to sell as soon as possible too…


Congrats to Pimax on shipping the testing units out in May. I wish you all the luck with this presumably butt clenching moment over the next few weeks.


I’m thinking if all goes well early backers will see in August as well, possibly July. You have to consider the ship time to testers, then testing, (all goes well) then production, then shipping to backers… at least we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll be completely content once the testers give the green light - that’s the final milestone as I see it!


Great news! Cant wait for the first reports! Looking at you SweViver :smiley: