Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building




[quote=“mr.uu, post:181, topic:6241, full:true”]That means a 1.1ms delay on mobile platforms?
Seems to me not very demanding and must be much faster on PC.
Should be no problem to at least let the user decide if he wants it on or off…[/quote]
My understanding was that there’s a similar hit on the PC ~50%, so fps of 60 vs. 90. Given how vocal the forum has been regarding 80 Hz vs. 90, you can understand why there might not be an option, especially if it triggers motion sickness.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the chromatic aberration is awful, but a lower framerate is probably worse. I too would like to see an option.


I would assume that the scene rendering is done once as if there is no chroma correction. Just the pre-warp transformation is run in three passes for each of RGB colors separately. How much time does it take however I have no idea, but 50% more looks a bit too pessimistic.


Scratches head, most of this is not really relevant though. Bar the first article which actually references the fact that they did send out the units on time in an update , all these articles were done mid month ish and do not reference that the units shipped on time/ have not been updated to talk about the progress and the shipped units. And one of the links is to a forum post which is really not what i mean when i say vr site, ditto for r vive or r steam vr. I mean the vr press community.

I cant see the wkow article in my region though so maybe that one is good.


Have they actually sent the HMD`s out yet ?


That may be. It likely depends on the fill-rate of you video card. All I remember from the other article was that it was “significant”.


Supposedly they did so last wednesday. So the first tester might have received his unit by now. It seems none of the testers is even allowed to confirm his though, it seems they can’t post anything related to the 8k AT ALL. Most likely it’s because they can’t reveal yet who they are, it seems Pimax wants to keep that a secret for some reason. Probably because they don’t want forum posters harassing them with thousands of questions :slight_smile:


Or they don’t want anyone to intercept the package.

I mean, we still could harass testers when they will be reveal :stuck_out_tongue:

(Or not !)


I think as soon as someone plug’s it and try to use it they’ll know where it is :wink:


Do you have something like a tracking number, at least? I’m not asking for it.


I got my Pimax Beta 8k today… not


Nope but I have got the tax invoice from Xunshu in case the customs needs it. So its for sure on its way :slight_smile:


Man, this thread is a slow painfull-tease crawl for all us “backer Joes”…but can’t helping checking in :slight_smile:


Sounds like they sent it with regular mail? Might take a while in that case


how did you get that t-shirt ?:slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMiiQgxeMew


Pimax should sell those T-shirts in their online store. :slight_smile:


I just made a custom one from an online store, around 25 bucks. I have Vive/Oculus T-shirts already that I paid myself as well, so of course I needed a Pimax shirt also :joy: I never get any Tshirt for free except from a Sariento shirt (from game devs)


Thanks, my first reaction was - it came with device… :slight_smile:


I think that the most common transport companies that import from China give the tracking number in 24 hours.


Likely because the dont want opposition companys getting a hold of them before launch. Could be worth a bit :wink: