Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building


Finally someone who made the same experiences I did: In the 4K, I was able to drive, slide, and fall down a moon’s crater in deep space for more than one hour (it was a very large and steep wall, so I had to be very very careful for every inch lol), and I felt so comfortable in the Pimax… would not have been possible if all the 90-FPS-against-motion-Sickness-prayers were right.

So, I agree completely: there’s much more to it than simple FPS. From my opinion, I think the resolution / SDE has a major impact on it: The better/less the SDE is, the less stressful for the eyes and the brain since I can SEE what is in front of me instead of imagining and trying to focus on all the information that lack due to bad resolution/SDE.


But it could be because the lack of a solid 6DOF tracking.


I don’t think so… In the Oculus, when barrel rolling or even looking left or right. Keeping your head still and level still makes you want to hurl. It doesnt take long either!

I don’t know what exactly eliminates it in the pimax and I don’t rally speculate about it… But for my ED gaming the pimax is my goto device simply because of the resolution and the lack of a vomit fest.


What’s your real IPD Enopho, and what do you use in P4k? Mine is 70 and the Pimax 4k is about 65 if I remember correctly, so I’d always look cross sighted (I’d use pimax IPD around 60). This in itself always made me feel nausea on the Pimax 4k if I’d use it for more than 10 minutes of gaming. But I guess if you’re around 65 then you’ll be fine.


I’m on train to work right now so cant tell you the pimax IPD setting but my real IPD was measured a month ago for new driving glasses. It is 68.5 (35 left and 33.5 right)



following the line of the last weeks.
Tomorrow a week ago of the last update.
We’ll see if they say any new news


Hmm beats me why you don’t feel any nausea with the Pimax 4k. Whenever I used that thing for over 10 minutes I’d feel pretty bad because I’d have looked cross-eyed for 10 minutes. And my eyes would need quite a bit of time to adjust to looking normal again. After my hardware mod, where I moved the lenses to about 69 mm I’d feel a lot less nausea but still wouldn’t feel completely comfortable (my IPD is about 70.5)


Well since it seems Pimax used regular mail, it can take a few weeks until everybody has received their units. So I don’t think there will be much to update anyway.


I think that’s exactly what it is with the vive you feel like your there because of the tracking,with the 4K there is more of a disconnect and Your brain knows it.


when im home tonight i will post my 4k ipd, but this is a photo of my IPD when i was at optometrist.


I do feel a tired eyes after a few hours and focus is not 100% across the lenses, clear focus above and below center but it is more acceptable rather than feeling vr sick in Oculus. i was vr sick on ethan carter so bad that it took me 2 days to recover!


Different people seem to have different triggers for nausea.

I get seasick easily and train-sick occasionally, but cars and planes aren’t a problem. I’ve only gotten sick once, after watching a 3D movie (at a museum, using different glasses than the ones in movie theaters). In Elite Dangerous, I get motion sickness during hyperspace jumps, but only if I turn “camera shake” OFF. If you do that, there’s still a slow undulating camera motion, which is extremely nausea-inducing (to me).


i have changed my SRV horizon lock in Elite dangerous that really helps when driving in the SRV - you can find that option in game settings!


Thanks for the tip, but the SRV isn’t a problem for me, now.

When I first started driving it (a couple of years ago) in 2D, I found it to be quite nauseating. Later, I tried it on a 3D monitor (with NVidia LCD shutter glasses) and I was fine. The 3D monitor setup was a hassle though (it’s not my main monitor and I’d have to move everything on my desk around), so I tried it again in 2D and was fine. Apparently, playing for months in 3D cured my SRV nausea.


MRTV claims from reliable sources that testers have received tracking numbers by pimax yesterday :slight_smile:


wondering what ‘reliable sources’ you are referring to? - can you confirm


He does not say from whom he got in intel in his video of course, but repeatedly claims that it is reliable. May be himself or his homie from Sweden.


where did he say this?


how sure are you that they’ve used regular mail…? really hope not ffs…


It in German though: