Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building


Well I was just guessing, based on the fact that Sweviver said he hadn’t received any tracking number. But supposedly (?) they got tracking numbers now so who knows.


Cant wait to hear how “Super” cool it is from sweviver. Wonder who’s going to slip the results first


meh… we have held on this long. Can wait until testing runs its coarse, this is easy now that we know things are moving along. At least that is my view. The most challenging part for me was wondering if Pimax was struggling to get it done. I dont have those fears anymore so patience is a little easier.


@Enopho, @sjefdeklerk:

I had both the Oculus and the 4K IPD-adjusted, so everything was sharp, no cross-imaging, both HMD’s perfect. Nevertheless, I got motion-sick in the Rift, almost not in the 4K. And meanwhile, since I am used to VR, no problems at all with it any more.
I remember my first longer session in the Rift in December 2016 - it took me also 2-3 days till I recovered completely, I felt so bad :tired_face: :confounded::dizzy_face: I never experienced anything similar with the 4K.

The 8K with 80/90 Hz and 6DOF-tracking will show whether Pimax perhaps uses a completely different technology which avoids motion sickness better (to me); or whether I will get as motion-sick as with the Rift former times…

@test samples:
I agree we won’t get much new information in the course of the next 1-2 weeks. Even when using some kind of express mail, it still may take up to 10 days until the last sample reaches its destination, depending on where on the globe it is.

So I agree even further with @GameMaker: The project moves on and has taken its major obstacles already. So I am very confident, the first bakers might get their 8K by August or latest September, as long as their aren’t any major issues revealed by the testers. I’v waited from January/February until now - so I can wait for 2-3 further months as well :slight_smile:

Simulation Sickness

checked my ipd in piplay and its 62… had to wait till i got home to check for ya.



He already slipped up by saying they hadn’t shipped as he hadn’t received his tracking number yet. Remember Pimax was going to announce the testers when they had all got them. Naughty boy. :smiley:


Haha. Im more interested who the other testers are. @benz145 from RTVR hopefully


For sure!! If they included @benz145 then we know for sure that they really have a lot of confidence in their product, because Ben demonstrated both technical knowledge and that the’s not afraid to voice criticism. If they’ve just chosen youtubers then they’ve chosen the safe road to get maximum positive marketing exposure, which of course I could understand too but it would be a bad sign if you ask me. But, honestly, I have a feeling they did include Ben, I think they really feel comfortable and confident about M1.


I very much hope they did.

So far we know that @SweViver is a tester and based on those two tracking reports to Germany I’m pretty damn certain @VoodooDE and @mixedrealityTV are in on it as well. I’m personally very happy with those three already even if I might not share Sebastian’s stance on the VivePro; all three of them spend a lot of time in VR and reporting on VR and they should be able to give a very clear insight on a prosumer’s perspective on the Pimax 8K.


Ok, let’s continue the discussion in the latest pimax topic: