Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building



This is what i like to see.


After all this time you just know that the first tester that posts “It’s good, but…” is going to be lynched by the collective membership of this group :smiley:.


Not collective but a fair chunk indeed. We all know who they’ll be.


LOL. Well I think it’s in everybody’s interest that the reviewers do report the good AND the bad. Just their honest opinion. If they love it, great! If they think the HMD needs refining, well, that was the whole reason behind this test anyway.


Not really, a review that uses facts and is free of sensationalism is what most of us will be waiting for. If it is a disappointment but with reasonable data to support that sentiment then it is still a helpful review.


Congratulations pimax!!! YAaaaay!!


Reduced fov though? :thinking:


I really super duper truly hope they chose AdHawk with the laser instead of camera tracking. Magnitudes faster than camera, unit costs only 10$, low cpu processing overhead.

Ad Hawk Microsystems eye tracking.


No. Someone commented that the eye tracking module “looks like” it may reduce fov. I guess because the module bracket snaps on the inside of the hmd ? this could force you a few extra mm away from the lenses… no biggie even if that is true in my opinion


I’m sure it’s temporary design.


Glad to see everything is coming together, let’s hope the testers are satisfied (and honest) with what they receive!

It’s pretty funny to step away from these forums for about half a year only to come back to the same people still complaining about the same things lol… When will you guys give it a rest?


I think those eye trackers are already sold by this company: http://www.aglass.com/


was about to say those are aglass units for sure.


Holy crap is this what we are getting


Yea, but why Pimax put this photo than like it is their development! This unit is for any VR hmd, and I have doubts it will enable 200fov but who knows, maybe they are just testing, or will form a partnership with aglass guys.


hmm i wouldnt say they are claiming its their development. they previously mentioned they would be doing eye tracking via third party. really hope they go with a solution that does not cut off too much of that beautiful fov.


It was just a joke, don’t read too much in to it :stuck_out_tongue:.


And so it begins. In many ways I do not envy the 10 testers as they are going to be bombarded with questions and their responses well scrutinized by those in favour or against. Interesting times ahead methinks.


Its just a matter of how long testing will be :cold_sweat:


Yea ofcourse… But I was hoping something much more developed specifically for Pimax 8k. Still so early to judge let’s wait and see…