Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building


early days yet. they may be mounting working existing units to test initially then checking reduction of fov etc. may yet get a custom moulding for 8k with wider frame but obvious both parties producing it would probably prefer not to have to retool. if it cuts off even 15 degrees on each side though i would be hoping for a retooling.



That is certainly food for thought. Thanks for the heads up.


@brian91292 I will when you will! :wink:


I have been one of the critics lately with the management of information in the forum by Pimax.
opening to the sponsor’s interpretation their silence or brevity in the latest updates.

just like I criticized when I think it is necessary.

Today I am writing to congratulate you for starting the shipments to the beta testers.

and give us the joy of the beginning of the eye tracking tests.

Now that the M1s are mounted, it would not be inconvenient to show a video to the community and see how it works.

previously said congratulations for the completion of the test units.


The “Elvis of all headsets” has left the building


Congratulations! This is good news! Thanks for the update, @xunshu !
Can’t wait for the reviews!!!


Sorry, but i don`t see space for prescription glasses here, even for the glasses module.

And… it seems that is using cameras for eye tracking? What happend with de Adhawk module?


Congratulations PIMAX.

Hope for more good news in the coming weeks.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBfWnaEwzRI thats what is present in the image.


I know, but it was supposed that the Adhawk was a lot better. Without cameras.


Yea! That’s great news!


well, they talked about an update on it in due course, you can lay out your concerns in detail there based on their comments. What can be said right now with absolute certainty ,

almost no games use this tech yet.
the aglass is proven deployed technology with acceptable performance.
the module is free to backers (one eye).
nothing to prevent an adhawk module being created at a later date.


The location of the usb or what ever cable it is, is strange, but I guess it is for prototyping.
It seem to be in the way of the head/forehead which is weird.


thats actually the main reason i think this is just a test fitting of working current module not final use case. it also obstructs the foam. i think the actual unit will have same tech but different cosmetic moulding.


Well, in fairness Pimax only promised eye-tracking, while it was unclear from the beginning which quality it would have - there are different use cases, e.g. for social VR („are you looking at me ?!“) it likely would be good enough, but foveated rendering will require better quality.
In addition they gave it away for nothing as a stretch goal, so they will be price sensitive. And they will, knowing the backers, be aware that they cannot just say it will come somewhere in 2019. Otherwise they risk being abused in the forum (again).

So I do not think we can blame them if they went for the „easy“ solution, e.g. an existing, inexpensive add-on product with good enough performance for some of the reasonable use cases. But of course I personally would be hoping for eye-tracking good enough for foveated rendering even if it means delays and extra cost. But then again, even if they provide the best solution, it‘s pointless as long as nobody supports it…


Because without those people you would be looking at your new Pimax as it’s held together with gaffa tape and string. :smiley:


when that eyetracking arrives if vr chat uses it i will be 100 percent rebuilding my avatar to use it. XD


wow, that’s a stretch but we get your humorous drift :wink:


Congratulations, PIMAX! What a milestone! I’m eagerly awaiting the reviews to roll in once the embargo has been lifted.