Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building


I’m so happy to see the results and thank you for your effort to bring an awesome product for ahead.


I am peeking at this now and then seeing as I am meant to be working. Looking back at Xunshu’s post the top image says a lot about why this took so long:

Look at how many lens iterations the 8k optics have been through, as stated previously each of these costs many thousands in re-tooling for the company. This is the first time they have confirmed the number of lens iterations, the amount of tweaking they made in last 3 months is pretty dedicated. As they said they were not going to consider it “done” until they themselves were happy with the result.


This is what the 8k forum feels like since they announced test units had shipped.


Yeah. That’s 7 iterations, which probably cost around $500,000. For that kind of money, the lenses had better be good!


Great News and now…

Sits back and awaits Testers reviews and if there are any bumps in the road to kick starter unit shipping. :slight_smile:

BTW, is it recommended for us to suit up like in the last photo when using Pimax 8K?? :grin:


those 2 wire are at a really stupid place, they need to move it so it not poking/touching your face, they can move it to the side where the channels for the glasses are.


Yeah I hope so, obviously any 3rd party won’t be designed with the 8k in mind so I’m not at all worried at this point. Still I’d expect it to have a small impact but I’m certain it would be worth it


Yeah, one would assume the 2017 l4 was originally hoped to be the final one but as we know from CES it wasn’t good at all


I think they are using the vive version just for testing.

If one eye is enough then half a ring for each eye could be enough.


afaik, the ring in an aglass unit is just a orbit of low power IR led’s. but they are needed to illuminate the eye evenly. The flip side of that is as long as sensor remains in same place i see no reason why a retooling cant push those leds out to the sides to not reduce fov. With a properly fitted part shaped to rim of pimax lens this should should not have a measurable impact on fov.


a little humor:
Exclusive image of Pimax’s shipment … Leaving the headquarters.
there is less left for them to receive.


What do we know about the NDA? Will the testers be able to give their impression as soon as they receive the headset?


Thought I would mention, they did not actually say they were sending the eye tracking module to beta testers, they actually said, ‘we are testing’ not ‘we are shipping’ so from that I guess they are testing in house still and not ready for beta testers… Anyone also notice the molded face foam for glasses wearing people on the image where they show the eye modules? Im liking that as I cant get my glasses in the 4k foam without them bending!


no afaik. needs to be back and forth to make sure its set up correctly etc. rounds of feedback then they get greenlight to discuss.


I think they have to hold off on posting any reviews publicly until they have completed the questionnaires and sent them back, at least that’ll give Pimax time to prepare in case there are any issues that need addressing. Better to have a plan to move forward and to let us know before they are bombarded with more of the kind of doom-and-gloom crap that some people seem to revel in posting on here.


Great to see testing for temperature and humidity… how much testing has been done for sweat?


Just give it @SweViver Martin

He’s gonna be bouncing around the room like a jack rabbit on speed! When he gets his sweaty little hands on it…

Would appreciate wide screen recording on DCS and ELITE Dangerous to try to show in 2d what you see in 3d please :slight_smile:



one thing i dont expect to see much usable feedback on is the strap. if there was anything like progress towards the strap being ready it would have been in one of the images. would expect the strap they get to not be final.


Congratulations Pimax. What an amazing thing you all have accomplished! Living the Dream!!


Great update, not only because it contains what we want to hear, but there’s information…meaningful pictures too! Good job.

I’m impressed with the testing setup.

I’m concerned about the Aglass eye tracking, I must say. Straight from their site, the Aglass can track over 110 degrees which is the fov in most vr headsets.

It’s also adding another lens to look through.

Will we be limited to pretending we’re back in a rift/vive when using eye tracking? Eyes centre son!

I really hope adhawk or similar bring a module to market that will fit and track full fov in future.

How to wait for tester feedback now? Easy, go fly my new hornet in DCS.