Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building


Very exciting news. Glad to see they managed to ship in May, gives me hope, I’m glad I held off on buying an Odyssey to tide me over.

I can’t wait to read the first impressions from the testers once they’re released to do so! :grin:


Any time there was a delay, vr sites were all over it. Where are the articles about pimax shipping to testers on time. Where my articles at.


could be down to the fan boys of Oculus and Vive wanting the Pimax to fail… hence all the hype and bitter articles when Pimax’s timelines slip. But Pimax do appear to be the real deal… now sending devices to beta testers is a massive benchmark for Pimax and a kick in the teeth for other HMD branded devices


Well when you didn’t ship on time, didn’t ship on time, didn’t ship on time and then shipped…it’s difficult to claim you shipped on time. That ship sailed the first time.

But they should be shouting from the mountain top that it has finally shipped to testers. It is on the horizon now.


I think the lens is optional and it’s intended to hold a prescription lens, for those that need glasses, as a substitute for the optional Pimax prescription lens frame.


Great job Pimax! That’s all that needs to be said.


Article in Spanish from Real o Virtual
Arrancan los envíos de la beta de Pimax 8K

From Road to VR:
Pimax Starts Shipping Pre-production “8K” Headsets Today, Kickstarter Version Slated for June


**Please provide following :sunny: **

:grin: how long till arrive to testers? 1-2weeks?

:grin: how long will testers test units? 2-4weeks?

:grin: how long for production for backers take to ship after testing? 2-4weeks?

:grin: how long till non backers can buy Pimax 8K units online eg. ebay? 4 weeks?

when i add it up,i thinks 2+4+4+4 … thats about 4 months for general release to public purchase, October 2018.


Nobody has said, but I think 4 weeks of testing sounds a bit much. They specifically found testers that use VR between 4 and 8 hours a day. If I had to guess I would think about a week of testing, but who knows.


As a tester of products in the past myself. I could get through a 60 point checklist in 1 to 2 days. Then 2 days of just using it normally for all the different apps, comfort over time etc. Time is money after all.

My written review would be broken into:

  1. Unboxing M1 - 4 hours (includes write-up edits)
  2. First impressions - 1 day (more of an overview)
  3. Full review, which would take me about 2 to 3 days more and show lots of edited video footage and go into depth.

So within a week.

Then, send all that to Pimax. Pimax then collate all the tester info over a 3 week period so they have time to respond to it. Then the NDA drops and either the units go into production or they announce their next phase.


If they could just share all 10 shipping tracking numbers with us.
I bet many here would just check it every other second kinda generate a DDOS attack on those tracking servers.


Don’t think Pimax will be stalling for time at this stage ,
2-3 days delivery to testers ,
a week testing
then it’s all down to the results .


The delivery time I am uncertain about, could take from 2-3 days to in the worst case 1-2 weeks, but I surely hope Pimax did not try to save cost on that. Another problematic element in that could be customs clearance - hope the M1 don‘t get stuck with the customs and take ages to be cleared by paying VAT or whatever.

On the testing, I would expect the testers to take say 3-4 days to do first thorough testing, then report their initial findings to Pimax & the closed beta forum. Then they would discuss any issues, and possible fixes, work-arounds may be provided, so the testers can redo the test to get better results. I see this whole process to take 2 weeks, if relatively straight-forward. If it is not though, i.e. a not so small number of issues (even if not really critical ones), then this process may drag out. For how long ? Well, your guess is as good as my guess. So my estimation for us getting feedback is roughly 3 weeks from now, if everything plays out rather well.


If the headsets were declared as evaluation units they will be tax exempt.


Are Pimax using a proprietary cable with the 8K , anyone know anything about the cable , I have not bought a vive pro mainly because replacement cables are not yet available ( overhead cable system even with turn signal running the kids seem to twist the hell out of it )


Oh my god it really happens with our Pimax!!! And today the Descent game “Overload” is released :smile:


Just looked at that, 90’s classic “Decent” ha. That brings back memories. Although HMD + KB + Mouse seems odd when we all have hand controllers but I do get that some games just work well with mouse input.


Logistics from South East Asia is 7-11 days if sent via registered air mail, 5 days if sent priority. (I get A LOT of imports). With the units being TAX exempt there should be no hold up in customs provided the supplied documentation is satisfactory on the customs clearance forms.

Once all testers receive the units an NDA will be in effect to allow these people to trial the units and prepare their reviews and YouTube videos. After the NDA expires they will all be able to share their information, it is unfair to allow any of them to release information early as these people all rely on visibility, clicks and add revenue to support their jobs.


Who told you this? I have not read that anywhere. As far as I know, the testers have to agree.


Agreed, never saw a 2 week NDA period posted anywhere, just conjecture.

@Soarin Do you know this for a fact?