Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building


That’s going to be pretty optimistic. With priority shipping it should be in about a week all over the world. But then it depends on customs in your country if there are additional delays. Then again, testers closer to Asia will indeed have it sooner. Slowest will probably be latin america. Europe will be 3-4 days probably for most countries. Maybe the first tester will receive it monday.

@SweViver is in Sweden right? If he’s in stockholm he’d get it monday with UPS Express (just checked their site)


Here’s a recap of Pimax’s closed beta testing timeline from a March update:

quote: Here are the steps for the closed beta:

We will email our chosen testers to confirm their participation (around 10 in total, to account for availability of headsets and manageability of the program), starting this week
We will start shipping to the testers as soon as M1 testing units are ready.
Testers inform Pimax team when they have received the units
Shortly after, we will announce the testers in the forum
Testers answer a standarized questionnaire from Pimax team - the questionnaire will let you know what stage to complete it at during testing and when to have it finished by
Testers join the closed discussion and communicate with Pimax team - Login details for the closed forum will be shared alongside the questionnaire
Testers agree on a release date that allows all testers to have time to organize the reviews - this can take place in the forum
After the testing period is over and we head into the release day, testers can now answer questions engage in the open forum with the rest of the Pimax community about M1 and their experiences

The Pimax Team


I read through Xunshu’s posts I honestly thought I had read it somewhere. No she had not specified an NDA duration. It could have simply been me confusing my own company’s NDA policies for press and media with that of when releasing new games. I removed the stated 2 weeks as not to create further confusion.

Keep in mind it will be several days for obvious reasons as to ensure fairness to all involved.


Yes, of course. :grinning:


Hopefully it is handle with a company like UPS that handles the shipping from start to finish.
If it is sent through someone that hands it of to the Swedish Postal Service (PostNord) for the internal delivery it will take longer than that as they are a bit, how to put it… stingy with chinese imports at the moment.
Even if the papers are filled in properly expect delays. Had delays with everything between 3 to 14 days.


I’m curious how the Trump tariffs on China might affect the final cost over the next few months leading to Pimax shipments. Would the Chinese gov’t retaliate with a levee on their exports that would determine the final cost to us…maybe, maybe not.


I love your gif :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


AH yeah regular post is REALLY bad for international imports, at least in my country too (caribbean island). With DHL/UPS/Fedex there’s like 3-4 days delay here at customs but with regular post, I recently had a delay of 8 weeks, LOL. In most Western countries it will be way faster but like you said, I wouldnt be surprised to get up to 2 weeks delay at customs if they have chosen regular post, even in Western countries


I don’t know how international tariffs are imposed but since we’ve already paid might it not affect us?


it depends on the Tarrif and type
I would think this expense would not fall on us for already having paid.
Even if high Tariffs are implemented, it may not effect the VR gear.

Specific Tariffs

A fixed fee levied on one unit of an imported good is referred to as a specific tariff. This tariff can vary according to the type of good imported. For example, a country could levy a $15 tariff on each pair of shoes imported, but levy a $300 tariff on each computer imported.

Ad Valorem Tariffs

The phrase ad valorem is Latin for “according to value,” and this type of tariff is levied on a good based on a percentage of that good’s value. An example of an ad valorem tariff would be a 15% tariff levied by Japan on U.S. automobiles. The 15% is a price increase on the value of the automobile, so a $10,000 vehicle now costs $11,500 to Japanese consumers. This price increase protects domestic producers from being undercut but also keeps prices artificially high for Japanese car shoppers.

Read more: The Basics Of Tariffs And Trade Barriers https://www.investopedia.com/articles/economics/08/tariff-trade-barrier-basics.asp#ixzz5HEBqCcyg


@sjefdeklerk Yes Im in Sweden, very close to Stockholm town. I would say Wednesday or Thursday next week. Normally when I order stuff from China with express shipping it takes around 4 days to arrive. Only 2 days for the transfer from China to Sweden/ARN and then another 2 days for the Swede’s to make the custom clearance and delivery (in Sweden we never rush lol). Cheers

Not sure about import charges/VAT though… we’ll see soon…


How long is the NDA in effect for? When will we get some reviews?


Will you tell us when you have it ? Have you recived any tracking number ? As I understand NDA is for rewiew only.
If Pimax declare on docs words like „free of charge „ and „sample for tests” than it should pass clearance without delay.


I’m not sure about this part. I have a company in a ‘free zone’ so exempt of import/export tax, but when I ship something to my company it takes WAY longer, I’m guessing because of extra checks and paper work. I get your reasoning though, if they just shrug their shoulders and move on the package it should be quicker, but if extra procedures/bureaucracy kick in it will take way longer. It might differ per country how well this would work.


so it’s radio silence from the testers now until the all clear ,will we see the glint of an eye or a new found enthusiasm for VR or will we just get poker faces or possibly a new found interest in the vive pro


I would like to know what type of gag order the testers got. I don’t mind waiting and I understand. But we can know the extend of the silence agreed right? Like, can they say they received the unit and will commence testing for x number of days or something? Or can they not say anything at all?


Just watch their other youtube clips during the coming weeks. If they seem distracted and have a seemingly out-of-place gleam, a silly grin on their face every now and then, then you know the 8K must be great… :wink:


Sweviver usually making video’s every 2 days so if there will be no new content on his yt# than problably he got his Pimax m1


It’s probably best for everyone if they’re just a blanket gag, that way random forumites can’t hound them for the details they can give or try to pick at loopholes and then run rampent with extrapolation and misinterpretation.


For me the packages from China take only a few days.
My last package was shippend on May 27 and arrived on May 29 in Germany!
I hope Pimax did choose same express shipping for the M1 ^^