Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building


Theoretically lets say that 150 fov is the best compromise to reduce Fresnel artifacts, god rays etc. If that was true and at 150 fov it looks incredible but at 200 fov it is 30% a light show inducing headache mess and 70% incredible. You would still prefer 200 fov? I think that would equally annoy all those that would take a compromise.

Of course this could be worked around by designing games so they do not have extremely high contrast scenes. Although the movies would still be an issue.

It is just a theoretical showstopper so don’t stress too much :slight_smile:


Yes I would prefer 200 FOV still, as else it would not be anything like what I backed it for.
What I really would like them to do in that theoretical scenario though is to rework the lens.
If 150 was still decided upon I would sell it as soon as possible.

Similar stuff has happened in other crowedfunded projects I’v joined. I can say from firsthand experience that the deviation from original goal has always pissed of more people than going back to the drawing board has.


i would be gutted if it was 150 fov. thankfully no reason to assume thats the case.


There’s a bit of a confusing statement about 150 fov but I believe it’s meant to be about the 3D overlap of both eyes. Yet, I’m not completely sure.


I believe that what they send to tester is what we will get and if any issue it will be software related, then they might call it M2 but i don’t think they will change anything on headset.
Also they are still within the range with 80Hz and even if we didn’t here a lot about ‘Brainwrap’, it might work and make it unnoticeable (speculation).


Nothing is confused there, you just need to read what is written and not speculate on what you like to see. Monocular 150 FOV means just that, FOV for a single eye. With total 200 FOV, it gives 100 degree overlap.


Sometimes reality is really boring. If people used their minds to create really useful things rather than reason to get angry and hate each other this would be a really great place.


I have the hunch that 200 FOV is a bit too optimistic and that the 8K will fall to something close to 170 when tested with the FOV_test utility, and anyway…who really needs full 200 FOV ?? Anything over 170-180 degrees is almost completely peripheral vision and we would never look at that in a game since the focus of the action is mostly in the center zone and median zone, okay…it is useful in things like spotting incoming objects, enemies etc. but anything requiring our attention would be quickly brought to the center with a slight rotation of the head.

So…who really needs full 200 FOV ? Birds maybe…not humans :smiley:


Human fov is 220 and I tried the v3 prototype with something that only had a very small noticeable black bar to the very ends of my peripheral. I can tell you it’s amazing. And that little 10 degree at either side gone will make me go out and buy that version too because if it’s immersion we want, then 100% span is the way to go.

Personal preference ofcourse


Sure, but you will never look at that, how many times you look at something by pushing your eyes to the far side, looking like a possessed demon ? NEVER xD
The same will happen in VR gaming, makes very little sense, considering that the peripheral vision area will almost surely be unfocused due to the lens.


You really think pimax trust the testers more than they trust themselves? I think they know that they have done all that they can performance wise Already , I’m guessing the lenses are not going to be perfect ,no distortion with a 200 degree field of view seems impractical at this price point , Plus they need to get the Kickstarter headsets out fast so they can sell to the general public and make profits before HTC vive and oculus’s 2nd gen hits.


Put on some horse blinders IRL and come back and say that it don’t make a big difference compared to normal vision.


Yeah of course…but you’re making a grotesque example…such blinders limit the vision to a value similar to the current VR headsets, not 170-180 :smiley:


I believe they have shipped near perfect HMDs to these 10 people with the aim to have glowing reviews from all to act as a launch platform moving forwards into production and raising awareness at the same time. It’s a PR exercise imo. Any of the problems you have highlighted will have been addressed with their internal testers. It makes little sense for the 10 testers to start finding new problems. It would simply be bad PR. The only issue I can foresee is perhaps an issue of comfort due to different face structures and possibly focus (although one would hope Pimax has learned from the 4K on the focus issue).

Maybe I am being too optimistic.


Okay, put on some ski goggles then. Thats more in line with 170 degrees. Still extremly limiting, the peripheral is very important for a wide motion detection.


I wonder what spectacles FOV is. I tune mine out of course but if I look for the frames BOOM there they are. :smiley:


You mean like the near perfect specimen they shipped to CES in January ? Because they knew that it would be oh so important to shine at that event ? :wink:

Of course they would love it to be perfect, as would we, but life does not always play along you know… but yeah, fingers crossed they nailed it this time !!


that wont matter in my opinion… if they cannot hit over 80hz by now then I do not this it will be an option to “fix” this


You mean when they tried to get away with some sub par lenses !? I think they learned that is a no fly zone around here!


Guess you have never tried the FOV_test ?..180 covers almost ALL your non-peripheral vision from 9 to 15 o’clock, 200 is already behind your X axis (behind your shoulders !!).

Yes, it would be cool to have it (and I will be one of the many happy 8K users if this will happen), but apart for eliminating that very little black edge at the very extreme end of view, it has very little PRACTICAL use.

Just saying this…individual preferences aside.