Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building


Well I honestly think they didn’t expect the V5 feedback to be this bad for example. I think they kind of liked V5, otherwise it would have made no sense at all to present it at CES. Different people will find different things, so yes, I actually do believe Pimax was honest when they said that they want input from the backers to see if they need to make M2.


I think they tried to make more profits by skimping on the lenses hence the V5 but I don’t think it was something the engineers wanted” just speculating “


Its always good to have new testers try a product, its like having a buddy proofread your paper before you submit it.

There are things people will always miss no matter how many times they check and test it.

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Plus they need to get the Kickstarter headsets out fast so they can sell to the general public and make profits before HTC vive and oculus’s 2nd gen hits.

I don’t really agree with this.
The Vive Pro just came out and very few people still have it.
I don’t see HTC releasing a new Headset anytime soon.


The 200 is practical because you can move your eyes to the left and right and still have full peripheral. You will not see everything when you look straight infront of you but that’s because you’re used to that with current VR headsets. With this new HMD and 200 fov potential, you won’t move your head as much anymore, simply because you don’t need to anymore, just like in real life


Really? Display week just went by , then Pimax post info on how long it takes to “iterate these designs “ all these things will affect their bottom line in the future , yes they want testers to test it but the main hardware is already locked down I don’t see them going back and changing lenses again regardless of what anyone says And the Vive Pro Took no R&D to produce If they dropped something new next year and it was better people will be mad “sure “but they would still buy it

Quick sidenote Fanetec podium series DD looks like its Releasing it next month “ it’s all coming together “ :sweat_smile:


Yes but you will still move your head believe me, since such wide range lens will make the outer edges less focused, and the more wide the screen render, probably the more chance to have distorted objects like in very wide FOV camera pictures.


Yes, what comes to mind is that Pimax should really focus on getting the software for battling the chromatic aberration of the lenses right. It buffles me that in my Rift and Vive and even my Odyssey I see the blue and yellow banding artifacts on the borders of objects. Why is it so difficult to correct for chromatic aberration? It is one of the biggest clues in making text readable in the “periphery” right outside the sweet spot.
@PimaxVR get the chromatic aberration right! (At least for half of the FOV!)

Pimax said already that they test internally before shipping to testers. And that they will not delay the production because of the results. I doubt the internal testing is so bad that they miss a big flaw. We all could see that after financial injection Pimax matured and took many month to develop the 8k to a state where they are happy with it. I am certain that they do not repeat the mistakes they did with the 4k!


Lol. Exactly. Display Week just passed.
Just because display tech is shown at a show does mean the display will be in a piece of Hardware anytime soon. It most likely means there has been a breakthrough but it will take a while before it can actually be perfected and implemented into a product for the masses. I’m not saying Pimax should delay much further, however I don’t think they will have Oculus or HTC as Ultra-High End VR for a while.

Oculus is planning on releasing the Santa Cruz Headset before the Rift 2 and we have no idea when the Santa Cruz will releases and they won’t release two products which may compete with eachother so close together in time. The Oculus Go was delayed for nearly half a year and it is a much simpler headset than the Rift 2 and Santa Cruz

I don’t really think thats safe to say either.
YES they used the same lenses and other parts, but they did change things including new panels and Valve Trackers.


We shall see I’m just saying I doubt this small company is thinking that it has all the time in the world that’s all I’m saying would you if you were them ?


Well, just like NVIDIA, they don’t have any real competition at the moment and it really looks like that’s not going to happen anytime soon. StarVR already said they won’t sell to consumers, the Panasonic wide FOV project seems dead, Oculus said their new tech won’t appear anytime soon in a new HMD, and I’d be surprised if HTC would come up with a new HMD, this short after releasing the Pro, while that HMD barely has sold yet.

I’m not saying they should delay. But if they now release a HMD that’s just ‘so so’ (or worse), well then we’re f*cked for quite a while. They need to get it right


For someone like me, who is playing flight sims, option to not turn your head that much that is currently needed to “check your six”, or just keep bandit in sight - is priceless! So, huge FOV would help a LOT.


Yes? What FOV covers are quite self-explanatory. And I have made it quite clear that I’m talking about the peripheral vison.

Thats exactly the thing, it has alot of PRACTICAL use, awareness in action intensive games for one.


Where did they say that, I must have missed that? Pimax always indicated that another version after M1 might be needed, depending on the results of the test.


It’s not difficult; it’s time consuming. There’s a serious reduction of framerate when it’s enabled, so it’s skipped.

“TimeWarp has an option for enabling Chromatic Aberration Correction.
On a 1920x1080 Adreno 330 running at full speed, this increases the TimeWarp execution time from 2.0 ms to 3.1 ms per vsync. This is a large enough performance cost that it is not the default behavior, but applications may enable it if desired.”

That’s a 50% framerate hit. I couldn’t find a source for PC graphics, but I remember reading about it previously and it’s a similar reduction. Basically, I think the app needs to enable the setting and no one wants their game to run poorly, so it’s disabled.

Source: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/mobilesdk/0.5/concepts/mobile-timewarp-overview/


Hehe indeed. Display week was a bummer. Sure they showed some nice panel tech, that will be ready next year the soonest, but the Google/LG project turned out to be nothing more than some theoretic ideas, very far from being ready for release, and Oculus didn’t even have a working prototype neither. Besides that, the shown display panels didn’t seem very feasible for wide FoV HMD’s because of the small form factors.


That’s why I wrote the upper quote in a previous post, you should pay more attention in reading what is written, instead of keep returning to the same point :smiley:

My point is another and can be simplified in this:

  • 200 or 180 FOV in the end, apart from the black edges at the end of the P.V. has little importance, except for achieving full immersion, that yes…would be great…BUT:

  • In my opinion, and knowing a little optical physics, 200 degree FOV is VERY difficult to obrtain with current optical lens technology we have, without adding some distortion, chromatic offset and imprecise focus at the edges.

  • The more you have to scretch the render window on the two panels, and add software optical correction to match the lens, the more likely you will get an unnatural or slightly distorted image of the world view at the farther edges.

I doubt all of these could be fully avoided in the final headset version, even Sweviver said in his test at VRDays (if I remember correctly) that the view was slightly unfocused at the edges, this is normal and to be expected, Pimax has probably obtained an improvement with the new lenses but they will hardly remove it completely.

But in the end it is a very marginal problem to mind for…and, if I have to choose from distortions/blurry-edges versus a little less wide FOV, then I would choose the latter.

Mirroring & Distortion Effect at Periphery of V5 Lens
New Starvr Wide FOV Consumer Headset Coming Soon

PIMAX dose not need testers opinion (they have their stuff)
They are very confident !!
They maybe buying some time around ( tasters alarmed about some issues already )that can be fix later on !!
So the hall story about tasters is buying time and satisfy backers !!!
I could be all wrong …I WISH SO


don’t you know already?

Negativity sells, positive doesn’t…watch the news what do you see???


That means a 1.1ms delay on mobile platforms?
Seems to me not very demanding and must be much faster on PC.
Should be no problem to at least let the user decide if he wants it on or off…


I recal xunshu stating that in one of her late updates where she unfolds the timeline a couple of weeks ago.
She also states there that Pimax sends the m1 to the selected testers if they are certain that the m1 is ready for mass production.
I am now to lazy to search for that update, but I will do later. I could be wrong, too. Memory does trick us many times :joy: