Pimax 4K - 1080 ti x 2 in sli



I have two 1080 ti cards in sli and I am trying to connect a pimax 4K headset. Every time I am in sli mode the headset in piplay does not show connected.

Is there no way to use this headset with sli. I hardly believe that can be true.

Please help


1080 ti / no image - only working in 1920x1080 mode

Is your headset connected to the same card as your monitor? I have two 1080 Ti cards in SLI and I have picture. The second card is for PhysX so nothing to be connected there. My experience with SLI is that Project Cars 1 and 2 is freezing after a short while,


Ya, I have both main and headset HDMI connected to the same card. I tried reinstalling drivers and piplay, turning sli on and off with no luck. Do you have it in extended mode ? Any special settings I need to turn on other the sli ?


No, I have not any diffrent setting than SLI enabled/disabled in Nvidia driver.


Hi, regarding the situation that you have met, you may connect the 4K to one Graphics Card. Please be advised.

Pimax only working with integrated graphics, not with 1080ti cards