Pimax 4K and DCS


Hello ,

Just purchased Pimax 4k from Amazon
Installed the latest PiPlay and have no success
getting it up and running in DCS 1.5 or 2.0

My system is very good ( Win 10 , 3.6 Ghz liquid cooled , GTX 1080 Alienware )

My Oculus Rift CV1 works fine

I get the Pimax and DCS up and going in Steam but it looks very bad
…as if they weren’t meant for each other .

Any suggestions



Not sure haven’t run Dcs myself. But @Enopho might have & maybe able to guide you on ideal settings.


Hi there

I don’t have DCS mainly because I’m no hard-core flight Sim jocky. But if you have the latest piplay make sure that steamvr SS is on 1.0 and also turn down any SS in game settings and use the PiPlay render slider to set your visual quality.

Once you get a good render quality start tweaking your in game settings



Maybe it’s a matter of IPD setting. What is your IPD? Goggles have factory-set lenses at a distance of 63mm and this distance can not be changed, which can cause a bad image. Programming IPD change works very poorly - you can achieve sharpness at a low setting, eg 50mm, but then it is a cross-look very tiring eyes.


Finally, I set Pimax to DCS. My real IPD is 68mm, I have set 58mm in the goggles and I have a sharp picture, and my eyes do not get tired so much. After turning on PiPlay, I set Render Quality to 1.25 and then run Steam VR. Then I move Render Quality in PiPlay to 3. If it is set to 3.0 then Steam VR sets very high resolution and can not be played smoothly. In the DCS itself, I reset the view on the NUM5 straight up looking what I am giving the image enlargement. It’s a bit like being in the car with a beard at the steering wheel but the world seems to be on a better scale. I quickly downloaded the movie from the preview on the PC as the game looks from the left eye Pimax 4K

Link to the movie

Pimax4K setup issues

Awesom! Can you, please describe how to start DCS to get picture in Pimax?


You need to install Piplay, Steam VR and Oculus Home - then DCS will automatically start in VR mode.


good video… shame it is recording the monitor mirror left eye… you wont be able to get better than 480p recording that way.

As you are recording the monitor (left eye) from the display mirror, you could use another method rather than recording display mirror and only 480p. If you are using win 10 you could use the windows game bar recorder!

to activate it

  • press Win Key + ALT + R
  • if you do this while DCS is running and you have selected it on the monitor then it will record the on monitor footage.
    You could also use nvidia shadow play or any other recording software but win 10 game bar recorder does not need any setup and is built into win 10 OS.




Thank you. Exactly this is just a faint preview of what is happening in VR goggles.


this is an english forum… please post in english… use google translate if you need to.


Of course, my mistake. I’ve already corrected.


many thanks… really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


After updating DCS to version 2.5 I can not start the game in VR mode. Does anyone have a similar problem? The old 1.5.8 version runs without a problem.


I solved the problem, I had to update SteamVR;)


Forgive my possible repetition, but what the dickens does Oculus Home have to do with the Primax playing DCS VR?



Honestly, I do not know. It seems to me that before I started DCS, Oculus Home also automatically started. Now it does not really happen.


You don’t need Oculus Home to play DCS.

PiPlay and SteamVR is everything you actually need (at least for the DCS 2.5 version).

Might have some difficulties trying to find the correct graphics settings even on a decent rig, though. My GTX980Ti is able to create a good picture but honestly I was expecting more from it.

However, after watching some video guides on setting VR in DCS, I came to understanding that even the guys with the top-notch rigs (GTX1080Ti) have to use the graphical settings which can be described as mediocre.

Still, the 4K headset opens a whole new world in DCS for me. (Dammit, now I need to learn all the aerobatic programs from scratch! :slight_smile: )


Hi Dami,

@wormeaten likely has some good tips for dcs settings for the 4k.


I don’t own 4K. Today is too expensive for what it is offered. It is outdated today. SDE is actually the only advantage for 4K everything else is way below the competition.
4K in time was great alternative to overprice Rift and Vive but with today price any WMR and Rift beet Pimax4K in general impression and capabilities.
I believe Pimax learn something from it in future projects and hope will not screw up this opportunity.

As I see Dami have everything under control with his 4K and DCS.


Yeah, thanks, guys, I think after a few days of experimenting I’ve found the settings with the best picture and decent performance (nvidia’s DSR rules! For me, at least).

I feel like an old dinosaur sometimes and don’t want to even start with all this WMR mess, to be honest.

For me the 4K was a great opportunity to try and see why everyone is so excited about the virtual reality and stuff.

Back where I live (Ukraine) Rift is still overpriced and kinda exotic thingy.

Well, we’ll see what that fancy-shmancy 8K one brings us.
The last years video (DCS in 8K) has put my hopes really high - from what I have seen, the game run smoothly aaand at that time the best they could put in that PC was a 1080Ti, amirite?

So, we can at least hope that the 8K will not make us spend a fortune on a new rig.