Pimax 4K and DCS


I’m glad to see you managed to tweak it. Now next step for upgrade immersion is DIY cheep 6DoF. Try to find on this forum topic with it. There is few simple, cheap and easy solutions who is gamechanger.


Hey guys,

I made another video from flying on DCS :slight_smile: This time I combined some of the goggle preview with replays. I love VR goggles - thank you PIMAX!



Hi again to all DCS fans out there,

I have an interesting question - did anyone compare the DCS’s internal pixel density setting with the render quality setting in PiPlay? Which one does affect more the game performance (or are they actually equal?).

As we all know, the latest DCS build has forced the freaking Deferred Shading on us, which created a lot of performance problems for a lot of people (put aside the countless dramas on ED forums because of it).

I was going to do some testing myself but thought maybe someone already did it?