Pimax 4k and new knuckles style controllers bundle


Hi Pimax, @xunshu

Is there any chance Pimax 4k will be sold with new knuckles style controller?

I intent to buy very shortly…

Awaiting reply from Pimax



Though I am not from Pimax, I don’t believe it will unless they change the 4K. The 4K headset does not use steam tracking 2.0. The new controllers do. I am not sure if they will be compatible as far as the radios are concerned.


I do not want buy with Nolo controler. I am
prepared to buy only when Pimax 4k is available with such a controler where you can play all steam game…


Why don’t you look into buying a Pimax 5K or 8K.

They will be compatible with all SteamVR games and the Knuckles style controllers.