Pimax 4k (B1) - disconnecting randomly and firmware question




I have 2 of these headsets (was told the ones starting with serial # 102 are also called B1). One of these works fine - I picked up a second one and it works sometimes but keeps connecting / disconnecting randomly or when a screen switches. It looks to me like both have firmware v1.0.0.265

Is there a way to download the firmware from my working version and refresh the firmware on the one giving me trouble? Or is this the most current firmware? and on this lastly is this the most current version of 4k firmware (assuming these use the same firmware as the 100.xxx version of the 4k.

The other question would be what would cause the headset to randomly do this? I would think if one works fine with the way that is setup, the other should not have problems since they are basically identical…

appreciate any help, the one giving me issue’s was recently purchased so I have a window to send it back but my preference is to get it working like the other one.

Oh one last question - is there a place to order new foam for these?

Thanks much,




you might have to open a ticket at Pimaxvr website. Im still trying to get new lenses for my P4K. I opened a ticket a couple weeks ago, then I get an update the other day thats its still in progress or something.


I actually was able to get it work I think - I hooked up to my second pc and it worked - the first pc has extension cables for HDMI and USB and it works fine with one headset and not the other even though they are identical but so far so good hooked up directly to the PC - it’s weird though.


O Ok, glad it was only a cable.


Please try to use it without any extension cables.
What’s the LED color when connecting/dsconnecting randomly?