Pimax 4K BE issue discount backers


Hello happy backers ,

I want to start this topic with an interesting question:

If I, as a BE issue backer, pledged for no reward an amount of money , anytime and any amount during KS campaign, can I choose anything on survey ? How does staff keep track of when I pledged, what I wanted and so on. What if I will declare that I pledged for 8K early bird (449$) but actually I pledged on a later day ?


Your question seems to be more suited for support via pm if your in the hypothetical situation you describe.


Maybe, but I have a strong feeling that BE issue backers need a topic here. A very powerful one.
Dunno why have this feeling. Maybe something from my past. Pimax 4K maybe? Could be.


Well just keep in mind if you are not affected by your hypothetical scenario. Many folks may see this as a “troll” like behavior to stir things up needlessly, by presenting a scenario that might not affect anyone.

Support said to contact them when using the $100 towards an item on kickstarter so they could take the step to record the BE discount towards the reward chosen.


They asked you to email them when you pledged with what you were pledging… They would most verified and made notes against your account at the time they read the email and compared against available items. There would have most likely been a grace period for early bird… But Pimax would probably use their own discretion.

Personally I kept my early bird and asked them to give me the hand tracking module…


I would have appreciated a clear answer on this as it’s been asked in various ways a few times already, and while the campaign was ongoing it would have affected people’s decisions during that time. It has stood out as some kind of elephant in the room for some time now. Even if the answer is “We will check what packages were available when you pledged the money, and see if you were eligible at that time”, that would have been better than silence. Silence casts doubt in people’s minds, and when the pledge has limited quantities no one wants be left out in the cold.


But that was just a sample question.
Here’s another: I pledged (supposedly) enough money to buy 300 pieces of 8K early birds or not. Doesnt matter if it is early bird. They need to take account of the “unknown yet” amount and kind of choices of BE backers. Theoretically, this situation appears to be not controllable. Maybe only the small number of backers in this category will make things manageable, hopefully.

|@Heliosurge, I have the bad habit of being anxious when I feel something is wrong. On those moments I start to ask questions. Others eat ice cream, I heard.

Note: don’t get me wrong, I believe now that Pimax team is serious and has good intentions. But it is the complexity of their task which may get situation out of control.


if you would have pledged for an early Bird. you would have checked that kickstarter box. thats how they keep Track of what you pledged for. its kickstarter. it has boxes. details to consider later through the Survey. will be Things like Upgrade to Full Pack or additional Addons. or additional headset. but not a special box like an early bird


That’s not your problem to deal with. Have you considered that you might be over reacting over something that isn’t that big a deal ?

If you were like anyone else out there who wasn’t sure, you would have just secured an early bird whilst it was available before emailing them on what to do next… After email and confirming, that’s when they would have given you instruction to switch to custom…even if it freed up an early bird.

If you passed first grade maths you would realise that in that situation they would be giving away an extra early bird…so long as you emailed them at the time when it was available.


Indeed. I asked a similar question when i added a 5k full early bird & similt dealt with it through PM to ensure i would be able to secure it. Sovfar looks good.

The biggest problem with the BE detail is folks created a new topic several times making it difficult to have the answer in one place.


Wrong. BE issue backers only pledged for no reward. No box to check.


But if you followed what the team said to do you wll be fine.

Ie BE backer wants early bird 5k headset only. Pledge amount is $349 + 50 shipping for total $399.

BE user pledges $299 which is no reward. User PM @matthew.xu who records discount being used & makes note User pledged for Early bird 5k headset.

Seems straight forward. Now you fill out the survey which is likely not ti be specialized for BE discount. Complete the survey. Survey might have a feedback option for special cases. Send feedback detailing you are a BE discount user & you wsnt tge Early Bird 5k headset. To play it safe pm @matthew.xu for added layer of comfort.

Now though you say? 5k early bird was sold out & you think you won’t qualify for the early bird price?

You will be fine as this was my question with adding a full early bird 5k package. Yes the Early bird’s were limited & a situation like this may make them sell a few extras at that price, but this is more there concern.

Hope this helps alleviate your concern.

@matthew.xu can you confirm or clarify what i have said & correct where needed.


Wrong…BE backers were funneled via various pathways depending on their own interaction or correspondence with Pimax or instructional pathway the followed as guidance. I for instance went the early bird full package… and via email correspondence asked if I could just keep ti as is and have the hand controller added without adjusting the cost and received a reply accordingly which I can refer to.

A lot would have followed the standard no pledge instruction but not all.


me too. I sent an email in which I said I that I opted for hand module and added 10$ for transport. They said it was ok. Since then I added basestation and hand controllers, then I remove one controller, to sum up, I changed my mind many times. I added 10$ for hand motion any time someone had an opinion on comments, and subtracted then back the same number of times. It’s a mess. but I am optimistic.

This topic has to be here, in case someone forgets about my species.


Not to worry I am sure only human species have ordered items. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


Hi, we will confirm discount in the survey and you can tell us that you need to return $100 to your bank account or you can buy something for $100. Thank you


Also there are people that would have already pledged $100 less in their amounts.


That‘s ok. You can choose your own way.


Looks like BE users haven’t got any survey .I have received an email from Kickstarter telling me I ve got a survey, but nothing.

Is that normal @Heliosurge ?


You pledge a “No reward” custom pledge right?
If so it could be that surveys wasn’t automatically sent to that backing level (it usually doesn’t)