Pimax 4K cant move head in Dirt rally-picture fixed




recently i bought used Pimax 4K headset. Installed all programs after the instructions on the internet.
The headset in game works, I can see 3D. The big problem is that, when I move my head, the view in cockpit doesnt follow my movement. I get very sick realy quick.

Does somebody here know where the problems sticks?




Can you elaborate please… Do you mean the headset is not able to look around? Or you look left and it hardly moves?

More info please


Sorry, english is not my mother language.

Yes, i dont get movement. Its like i am stuck looking on screen…


I’m sorry, that does not explain what’s happening… Can you maybe record on a phone what you are seeing maybe?



So if i am correct, vr should follow my head movement and it should move the same in the game right?

And i am having the issue that when i move my head, this movement is not happening in game. So its basicaly like i would be watching monitor. If i look left or right, the view in game is still straight forward.

I did reinstal steamVR and now i cant even get it connected on steamVR. On PiPlay shows as connected…hm…

Slowly loosing interest in this headset…


ok, so your saying that when looking in the headset and you look left and right… it does not move left and right?? is it a static image (like on a monitor) or no image at all?

can you tell me what version of Piplay or Pitool you are using?

also what colour is the light on top of the headset? is it BLUE, GREEN, or RED?

also can you tell me what your PC spec is, and if the Headset is connected to your dedicated graphics card - make sure the USB port is connected to USB3 (blue USB port)



I should also point out that if you have reinstalled steamvr, you need to redo the steamvr room setup… Choose the option for seated experience and not room scale



Is your heeadset in Pimax Mode or Video Mode?

If in Video mode you need to switch to Pimax Mode.


Its in Pimax mode. If i put in video mode i get everything mirored and can see only the bottom of my windos on each side…strange.

@Enopho i dont have time to try all that you suggested, but once i do, i will try and come back here. Busy at work lately…



Is head tracking in other games? Dirt Rally as I recalled needed to be injected by Revive. I would also check Dirt Rally settings.

In piplay also check if other games are not tracking if memory serves there is an option to turn off headset tracking.


Didnt try other games. Only bought dirt rally.
I did chech settings in dirt rally and i think they are ok…


I would try another game. WarRobotsVR is frer on steam.

Dirt Rally may need Revive to get head tracking.