Pimax 4k Dead Pixels or Dust Help


Hello everyone.
I’ve bought Pimax 4K from Gearbest. And when it arrived i’ve noticed 2 black dots right in the center of my right eye.
Contacted with gearbest support, and all they could tell that it’s dust and they can conpensate me 10 $ …
I need some help, figuring out if i have dead pixels in my HMD or it’s realy is a dust ? Since i need to be sure before ill break my warranty to clean it :frowning: or use Paypal to refund …

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Added some pokes to your post to pimax staff.


it does look like dust, although pimax say that the units are assembled in clean room… i too have dust in my unit and it gets worse over time, so dust can get in!

Personally if you have invested in the 5k or 8k just clean it… the 4k will be a stepping stone to the 5 or 8k anyway.

but if your not comfortable cleaning it, return for another unit as its under warranty. i suspect you will have to pay return costs tho @Pimax-Support can help you with the smooth return and replacement if you ask nicely :slight_smile:


Well it’s my first HMD to try ever, and while build materials, weight and overall comfort is very good.
There are too much issues with my Pimax 4k …

Burnt in image of Pimax Logo - unit doesn’t want to turn off. ( Found solution with replacing screen logo)
Power button doesn’t do anything - not sure if it’s working.
Very bad ghosting on head movement.
And i need to recenter every time i want to use SteamVR.
Dust inside right lense.

And all that problems to solve DAY ONE after recievieng HMD. I wasn’t ready for that :slight_smile: Not sure if i want Pimax 5k/8K now…


sorry thought the only issue was the 2 bits of dust… not logo image burnt into lens.

sounds like a RMA to me as its pretty bad by the sounds of it… @Pimax-Support

  • List item the power button works if you hold it down for about 10-15 seconds
  • List item ghosting is a known issue but pimax support said recently that they are planning on improving it with hardware and software mod in the future…using the latest piplay drivers should help a bit with ghosting and increase your render slider in piplay as high as it will go before you lose frames.
  • List item the recenter when using steamvr … yes i have to do that as well…i just use display mirror, click in that window and press Z… then the center is set and i dont have to fiddle with it in game.



Thank you for helping out

So i’ve tried to blow dust from lcd with compressed air through vent holes and it worked quite well, display is crystal clear now. And i haven’t void warranty by disassembling HMD :slight_smile: It’s not like i’ve needed warranty but atleast i woun’t have eyestrain because of refocusing to dust spots.
I’ve also checked light sensor, and its started working after that too… Just WOW, so my HMD is turning off it’s screen automaticaly now ( this also why image of pymax logo was burning into display) Might had some dust on it also…

Will look forward for firmware/software updates now.


glad to of helped… enjoy.



Awesome to hear. The screen not turning off i was going to suggest make sutr face foam not blocking censor.


Hi @kanohe, sorry for the situation that you have met, we will contact the relevant colleagues to follow up on this.
Please be advised.:slight_smile: