PIMAX 4K does not install on a Macbook Pro 2011 (AMD 6770M) with Windows 10 (bootcamp)


Hi guys,

I just wanted to install the latest Piplay Software (20171228) on Windows 10.
Its a Macbook Pro 15,4 2011 with an AMD HD 6770M Graphics and an I7 4 Core.
I installed the lastest Bootcamp driver from the AMD Homepage (
The purpose is to see Videos only, so I guess the HW should be sufficient.

However, the compatibility check shows this:
CPU: Good enough
Graphics: AMD 0x6740: xxx or above is recommended for a better experience
Graphics Driver: The current driver version of the graphics is older, please go to Official Site to update it to avoid affecting product’s normal use

Your PC may be to low to run Pimax

If pressing the button “Continue” a window pops up with “The current version of the graphics card driver is outdated. Please update it now”. I cannot go further. It is not possible to install the Piplay software

Now my question: Is it somehow possible to overcome the compatibility check and install Piplay (on my own risk :slight_smile: ).

Again, I do not want to play games, its just for videos, so I guess the hardware should be sufficient, and I just want to give it a try.

Thanks very much in advance!



I have added PiMax support to your post.

Now using Mac is likely to have issues on its own.

But with the 6770m is considerably low but may work for videos.

One of my setups uses 2x7950 Crossfired. With 1 disabled vr programs fail to launch & Steamvr performance test is a no go (low 1 to 2 rated).

I have read over clocking might improve that. However i found with that setup needed both cards enabled. On steamvr perf test with crossfire yeild med 3.7 (vr capable) to a sliver of vr ready 6.0. But average is around 3.7.


Hi @Joto, as per the situation that you described, you may try to uninstall the Graphics Driver and directly install the Piplay.
Then you can watch videos in Video Mode.
It is likely that your Mac Pro is not compatible with Windows 10.
Please be advised.Thank you.